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Part One: Faye thinks Craig will stop loving her as she made him abandon his principles but Emma considers it romantic that he chose love over duty. Lydia suggests to Daniel that he should use the workshop to teach the boys about the history of feminism. Daniel likes the idea while Daisy's disparaging. Sally and Elaine collect Tim as he's discharged from hospital. Tyrone is dismayed that therapy doesn't appear to be helping Hope. Craig tells Faye that no one came forward in response to the e-fit. He confirms that he's kept his mouth shut and laments the fact that he's now a bent copper. As it seems they're in the clear, Craig reveals that the police are going to conduct another thorough search of Ted's flat. A horrified Faye admits that she lost a fake nail in Ted's sink. Asha texts Nina constantly while she's out to assuage her girlfriend's fears over her safety. Daniel is pleasantly surprised when Max shows up at the consent workshop. Craig volunteers to go round to Ted's flat and recover the nail before the police search it.

Part Two: Craig wears his police uniform to make his presence there look less suspicious. Faye's guilt-ridden as he risks everything to save her. Asha thinks that the consent workshops aren't enough as the person who upskirted Summer has got away with it. As they discuss uni, Asha reveals that Glasgow is her first choice as it's the only one offering her preferred degree in risk management. Summer and Aadi encourage her to go for it but she doesn't like leaving Nina when she's so vulnerable. Max is puzzled when Daniel suggests that he has a personal stake in attending the workshop because of David. With Tim laid up on the sofa at No.4, Elaine presents him with a little servant's bell to ring if he needs anything. Tim's in his element. Fiz is upbeat after a visit with Hope's therapist, who noted that the girl's intentions in kidnapping Joseph were good, albeit misguided. Tyrone and Evelyn aren't convinced. Max quizzes David about Daniel's earlier comment and realises from his dad's reaction that something is being hidden from him. At Ted's flat, Craig sets about removing the u-bend from under the sink. As he finds the missing nail, someone opens the front door.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew. Exceptions were occasionally made for instances in which characters were required to be in close contact. These were made in accordance with the rules by employing measures such as more frequent testing and cast members bubbling up together prior to recording.
  • TV Times synopsis: A recuperating Tim has Sally and Elaine at his beck and call; and Daniel puts his foot in it with Max.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,868,000 viewers (6th place).
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