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Part One: Jenny gets up early to do her makeup and is surprised to find Leo making her breakfast in bed as a treat. Kevin visits Tim on the morning of his operation. He is despondent about his fall out with Sally and asks Kevin to speak to her for him and say how much he loves her. Having spent the night together, Dev suggests to Bernie that he’d like to treat both their families to dinner at Speed Daal and formally announce that they’re now a couple. Faye asks Emma to go on Craig's tablet and delete the expected email about the fingerprints on the crutch before he gets to read it. Sally visits Tim, but she is still bitter. Elaine bursts in, furious that she's only just found out about her son's heart problem. Bernie buys Chesney a new mobile, making him suspicious as to where the money's come from. He and Gemma are also surprised about the invitation to a meal out. Faye sees that there is an atmosphere between Sally and her dad. Lydia compliments Amy and Asha on their protest. She's shaken when Amy blurts out in front of her and an unhappy Daniel how both she and her uncle have overturned school suspensions lately. A policeman calls at No.4 and a passing Fiz asks him if it's related to her being in the paper. Any conversation is interrupted when Hope's bag falls open, revealing her stash of sweets. Paul turns down the Speed Daal invitation but tells his mum that he's happy for her and when she tells him about her and Dev. Hope claims she bought the sweets with money given to her by Tyrone. Tim admits to a calmer Elaine that he is so scared about his heart, he has problems admitting it to himself, not just his wife.

Part Two: Lydia asks Daniel about his suspension for love poems. He tells her the truth, but she has trouble believing it. Bernie has a word with Hope and warns her to stay away from Joseph and keep quiet about her deal with Clint. Kevin waits with Sally who is still upset and angry. Tim is taken down for his operation. He worries where Sally is, considering delaying before he can do so. Leo assures Jenny she looked sexy in the morning as he sets out to look for a new house share. Sally is upset that she missed Tim before the six-hour operation. The nurse smiles as she recognises Sally as the former mayor, making a point of saying where the toilets are. Having taken a call from the fingerprint expert, a worried Craig tells Emma that he has to go to the station immediately. Carla reminds Jenny that she promised Kate a share of Johnny's money and that she seems to have abandoned her family in favour of her new man. Jenny sees red. As the anaesthetic takes effect, Tim thinks he hears a commotion in the hospital corridor where a struggling Sally is being arrested by a police officer.


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