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Betty rings Cyril for advice about what to do about Ken and is told to wait until next morning before they report it. Emily has been to tell Albert but he is still in a stunned state about Val and she couldn't bring herself to break the news. Meanwhile, Ken unpacks his bags at Weatherfield's Baytree Hotel after checking in for the night. The next morning, the Tatlocks confirm to Len that Ken hasn't arrived in Glasgow and he alerts the police. Bet has heard from neighbours in her new digs that the maisonettes are being demolished and a Community Centre is being built. Ena has heard the same rumour and summons Councillor Alf Roberts to get more details. He refers her to the Town Hall. Hotel receptionist and cleaner Yvonne Chappell disturbs Ken's repose and gets shouted at. Mrs Parsons and Tony call on Ena and tell Emily they have a surprise for Ena but need to execute it within a couple of hours. Emily gets Minnie involved and they set out to search for Ena who was last seen visiting Albert. Betty also questions Alf about the new flats and when he snaps at her Bet becomes suspicious as to what he's hiding. Ena returns from the Town Hall but keeps quiet about what she found out. Emily and Minnie tell her she has a surprise - a car will arrive for her at 6.00pm to take her somewhere but they won't say where. Alf gives Bet the idea of asking Annie for a dress allowance. Emily asks Bet to do Ena's hair as part of her surprise. Len reports that Glasgow police have been asked to look for Ken. Yvonne and maintenance man Norman Tindall discuss their mysterious guest. Ken locks himself in his room and asks not to be disturbed. Alf confirms that the council will look after Ken's furniture until he's rehoused. An angry Ena refuses to leave until she's told where she's going. Minnie loses her temper with her and Ena reluctantly gets into her taxi. Betty passes on an overall from Annie for Bet to wear. Alf accuses Len of telling Ena about the Community Centre but is told he didn't get the news from him. Len worries that the residents will find out what else is being built on the site.


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