A depressed Irma doesn't know what to write on the card for her wreath. Hilda is surprised the shop is open but Maggie assures her that they will close just before the funeral. Frank Barlow has returned to Weatherfield for the service and talks to Annie, Billy and Ena in the Rovers' back room. Ena tells him that Ken will need his help. Emily regrets the letter she sent Val last year. Beattie Pearson and Dave Robbins return for the funeral and await the cortege in No.1 with Handel, Albert, Lucille and the Ogdens. Ken is in his own world as they chatter. Len tells Ray that Elsie is laid up with flu. Billy and Annie are delighted when Esther Hayes turns up in the Rovers for the funeral. Ray lends Ken a black tie. Esther goes to No.1 and gives Ken her condolences. She also passes on Christine Appleby's sympathies. The residents are delighted to see her. The cortege arrives and the mourners including Betty leave for the funeral. Billy minds the Rovers. Afterwards the menfolk wonder if Ken will still go to Jamaica. Dave assures Ken that Val loved him. An undiplomatic Beattie takes pictures of everyone at the funeral tea to show Norman. Ken can't stand the fuss and goes over to the burnt-out maisonette. A sympathetic Irma follows him and talks about her own loss of David and how it shows they loved them. Ken assures her he's fine and is going into Manchester to catch the train from Victoria Station to Glasgow. Beattie asks Albert to move in with her but he refuses. Ena thinks he's done the right thing. The council tell the other maisonette dwellers they're being moved out tomorrow. Len brings round a bottle of rum for Albert. Billy locks up the Rovers for the night and he and Annie remember Jack. Lucille answers the phone and is worried sick when Edith Tatlock tells her that Ken wasn't on any of the trains from Manchester.


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Notable dialogue

Billy Walker: "It’s not a bad day to see the back of."


Annie Walker: "It’s selfish, I know Billy, but somehow when it happens to someone else, it makes your own loss easier to bear."

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