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Part One: Alya tells Zeedan that she and Yasmeen loved their spa treat. Ryan keeps a watchful eye on Zeedan. Daisy has spent the night with Daniel. She has to hide from Paul when he pops in to brush his teeth before going to work after being with friends all night. Paul suspects that Daniel's had Daisy in the flat but Daniel denies it, enjoying winding up her by describing her as vain and self-obsessed to Paul while she listens on, but can't do anything. Chesney and Gemma take Aled for his delayed cochlear implant operation. Grace sells Bernie a sofa at a knockdown price, admitting that it's one that Ed and Aggie bought for her. Emma books Curtis an appointment with the specialist. He suggests they have a low-key wedding. The Christmas market is up and running on Victoria Street. Zeedan goes to the food van with a holdall full of cash and deposits it there. A watching Ryan asks him why he saw him talking with Hashim but gets no answers. Daisy gets annoyed when Daniel infers that she's ill-educated and slams out of the flat. Nina rings round, trying to find Roy. Amy rips into Kelly for stealing her phone. Alya wonders where Ryan has got to when he fails to turn up to meet her for lunch. Sally and Mary fuss over the market arrangements when the Rovers and an adjacent stall both sell mulled wine. Kelly tries to buy a horse brass in the furniture shop for a present and Gary offers it to her for free. Zeedan finds the holdall missing from the van.

Part Two: Daisy finds Ashley Hardcastle waiting for her at the pub. Zeedan finds Ryan with the holdall, demanding to know what's in it. Emma and Curtis discuss wedding venues with Debbie. He doesn't seem as enthusiastic as his fiancée about the event. Bernie tells Michael he ought to have a word with Aggie for the harsh way she talks to Grace. James engineers it so that an unimpressed Daisy sits with a boastful Ashley. Zeedan comes clean to Ryan but demands the police aren't informed, insisting he's trying to keep his family out of trouble. Emma asks a delighted Amy to be her bridesmaid. Curtis says he doesn't want his estranged family at the wedding and his friends are working abroad. Daniel is jealous when Jenny tells him how well Daisy and Ashley are getting on. Alya walks into No.6 to find Ryan and Zeedan there. She asks who the holdall belongs to.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew. Exceptions were occasionally made for instances in which characters were required to be in close contact. These were made in accordance with the rules by employing measures such as more frequent testing and cast members bubbling up together prior to recording.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ryan confronts Zeedan with the bag of cash; Daisy seeks attention elsewhere; and Curtis and Emma make their plans for a small wedding.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,804,056 viewers (9th place).
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