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Part One: Aadi has spent the night on Kelly's floor. She refuses to let him tell Imran and Toyah about Cole's threats, and advises him to make things up with Dev. Fiz reiterates her plea to Tyrone not to let his relationship with Isla jeopardise Hope's friendship with Darcy, the one girl at school still talking to her. Her mind on Johnny's funeral tomorrow, Jenny takes Daisy to task for her lack of work when she's more interested in updating her social media account. Cole threatens Kelly into working for him with his drugs business. Toyah suggests to Imran that he casually calls in on Kelly after work to see how she's doing. Maria refuses to believe Fiz's protestations and thinks she's jealous of Tyrone moving on from her. Cole changes tactics with Kelly, offering to be her protector against the other hostel residents. Aadi confesses to Summer that he's acted like an idiot. She also advises him to make it up with his dad. David nags Max about finishing his science project. Cole drives Kelly to Victoria Street, ordering her to steal phones for him if she wants to continue living in the hostel.

Part Two: Kelly meets Amy for a lunch date in the cafe, where she steals her phone when she has the opportunity and flees the premises. Kevin counsels Tyrone not to let Fiz interfere with his love life. A furious Amy discovers what Kelly has done. Jenny volunteers a reluctant Daisy to babysit Bertie when Daniel's normal arrangements are cancelled. Maria's words having given her pause for thought, Fiz gives Tyrone her blessing to see Isla. David offers Summer paid work to tutor Max with his science project. Having heard from her daughter what happened, Tracy confronts Kelly about the stolen phone. Passing by, Imran sticks up for her and sees Tracy off, but he makes her take the missing phone out of her pocket when he hears its unfamiliar ringtone. Dev and Aadi reach an understanding but Aadi refuses to return home unless they give Kelly a roof over her head.

Part Three: As Summer helps Max with his work, he reveals that he's working on a film in his spare time. She shows an interest in viewing it. Imran is unable to get out of Kelly what's troubling her. Tyrone and Isla meet for lunch in Speed Daal where she tells him that she finished with her husband as he was too boring. Having seen Kelly leaving the solicitor's, Aadi calls in to ask Imran what's wrong and tells him about Cole's threats. Imran agrees to help him get Kelly to move into No.7. Phill also thinks Fiz is obsessed with her ex and she has to convince him otherwise. Imran posts Amy's phone back through No.1's door, claiming he found it dumped. Tracy doesn't believe his story but agrees to drop the matter. Daisy takes selfies of herself with Bertie. Hearing Cole asking after Kelly in the cafe, Imran threatens him with the police. Tyrone and Isla are interrupted when Tony turns up. She quickly slips her wedding ring back on, admitting to Tyrone that they aren't actually separated. Tony punches Tyrone as Fiz and Phill walk in. The Haywoods leave arguing about her tarty ways as Tyrone nurses his busted nose.

Part Four: Adam sees Daisy boasting about the photos of Bertie that she has posted online to garner likes. Finding Kelly back the hostel, Cole tells her she's finished there. Fiz and Phill have taken Tyrone back to No.9 to nurse his injury. Adam warns Daniel about Daisy's social media activities but is told to mind his own business. Asha objects strenuously when she hears about their new housemate. Imran and Aadi find Kelly has fled the hostel. David is pleasantly surprised to see Max's progress on his project. Daisy is annoyed when Daniel suggests that she's used his son to boost her social media profile. He hugs her to say sorry and she tells him that it reminded her of the times she spent with Tom. He voices his hope that they can all spend more time together. Imran has alerted the police that Kelly is missing as the girl beds down on the streets for the night.


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Location 10482 10483
Coronation Street Main street view
Rovers Return Inn Public Public and back room
7 Coronation Street N/A Downstairs rooms
8 Coronation Street Downstairs rooms
9 Coronation Street Back room/kitchen and hallway
Corner Shop Shop N/A
Webster's Autocentre Garage N/A
Rosamund Street N/A Main street view
Victoria Street Main street view
Barlow Legal Services N/A Office
Roy's Rolls Cafe
19a Victoria Street Living room/kitchen
Speed Daal N/A Restaurant
Supported accommodation Kelly's room
Unknown street N/A Road


  • This was an hour-long episode with two production codes, and transmitted at 8.00pm as Coronation Street was moved from its usual slots on Monday 15th November due to ITV's coverage of England v San Marino World Cup football. Made up of two production codes, Joe Turner wrote both halves of the episode.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew. Exceptions were occasionally made for instances in which characters were required to be in close contact. These were made in accordance with the rules by employing measures such as more frequent testing and cast members bubbling up together prior to recording.
  • Kate Waters was the fight arranger for the scene in which Tony Haywood punches Tyrone Dobbs in 10483.
  • The scene where Kelly Neelan beds down for the night was recorded at the back of Victoria Street at the MediaCity studios.
  • TV Times synopsis: Kelly is caught stealing from Amy; Tyrone and Isla's date is disturbed; and Daisy finds herself babysitting Bertie for Daniel.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,516,145 viewers (9th place).
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