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Stefan and Corey are hiding out in a factory unit near a village. Stefan plans to contact Christian for money and permission to hide on a friend's houseboat while they try to find a way out of the country. Stefan is livid with the way that his son has messed up both their lives, although he's determined to stand by him. Kevin and Abi haven't bothered with a honeymoon while they await news of Corey. Abi is concerned when Leanne points out that with Stefan's money and connections, they could easily slip the net. Curtis and Emma are loved up as Tyrone congratulates them on their engagement. Abi asks Gary's help in using his more dubious connections to try to find out where the Brents are hiding, but he refuses. James has had his physio session with Danny in attendance. He neglects to go into work to help James with further exercises. Sam is still mute with everyone. Liam is embarrassed by Maria's campaigning although she remains determined to stand for the council. Gary has changed his mind and rung round about the Brents but without success. Abi tells him about Christian possibly being bribed by Stefan. Corey remains on edge, while Gary sets out to follow Christian with a claw hammer as a weapon. Curtis and Emma break the news to Steve and Tracy that they're getting married at Christmas. Steve overcomes his surprise to congratulate them. Gary finds Christian who is about to drive off in a hired van. He begins to threaten him. Sally is put out when she hears about Maria's plans, saying she knows nothing about politics. Nick makes funeral arrangements with George. Hearing how badly Sam is dealing with the situation, George proffers advice to help the boy. Nick is barely holding it together himself. Tracy objects when Steve suggests they use their savings to pay for Curtis see a consultant. Ronnie meets with friend and restaurant owner Tom Carswood in the bistro to enable him to experience Danny's food ideas for himself. Impressed, he offers him a lucrative head chef position in London. Steve offers a grateful Emma his savings as an early wedding present. Christian, limping on his leg after a beating from Gary, collects the Brents and shuts them in the back of his van. Gary takes over the driving duties and rings ahead to say he's on the way. Danny asks for time to think about the offer. Gary drives the Brents to Weatherfield Police Station. The van back is opened to reveal Abi, Kevin and Nina who watch on while DS Swain carries out an arrest. Abi returns Corey's wink. Audrey reminds Nick how he found ways of coping when Brian died and he now has to do the same to help Sam through the same ordeal. Maria accuses Sally of being jealous about her campaign. Sally announces she's standing against her. Ronnie warns Danny to not hurt James when he considers Tom's offer. Corey is interviewed and shown the new DNA forensic evidence which proves he kicked Seb to death. He is also told that Eli Higginson has retracted his previous statement. Curtis is touched how Emma's family is helping him and he's decided to drop out of medical school to spend every second he has with her. Kevin, Abi, Nina and Asha wait outside the police station for news. DS Swain tells them off the record that the CPS is charging Corey with murder. Abi and Nina are euphoric. Corey cries to his father as he's led away in handcuffs. A grateful Abi thanks Gary for his help. Daniel tells Steve and Tracy that he counts his blessings for his time together with Sinead. James thanks Danny for getting him through the past few months, but Danny remains silent about London. Imran visits Kelly and tells her about Corey's arrest and an appeal he's launching against her conviction. Danny turns down Tom's offer. Abi is touched when Kevin presents her with a large rocket he's bought for her to set off in Seb's memory. Abi invites Nina along to the launch. Imran tells Abi about the appeal, but she reiterates that Kelly set off the chain of events and he's to stay away from her. Fiz and Phill offer Maria their help with her campaign. Abi and Nina launch the rocket from Seb's memorial garden.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes. P694/10474 was written by John Kerr and P694/10475 by Joe Turner.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew. Exceptions were occasionally made for instances in which characters were required to be in close contact. These were made in accordance with the rules by employing measures such as more frequent testing and cast members bubbling up together prior to recording.
  • This episode features a scene in which Aggie Bailey reads a story in the Weatherfield Gazette in which the Holby City hospital tells of its changing environmental practices and wishes she could do the same at Weatherfield General. Also, Asha Alahan shows a picture of Daniel Granger (Matthew Chambers) from Doctors dressed as the Letherbridge "World Warrior". These references were part of a week in which each of the major UK TV soaps included scenes involving one of their competitors, all on an environmental theme, to publicise the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference ("COP26") which was taking place in Glasgow that week. The idea was suggested by Emmerdale 's executive producer (and former Coronation Street storyliner) Jane Hudson.
  • Nick Tilsley mentions not being told his father Brian had died and being puzzled by the funeral, referencing events in Episode 2911 (20th February 1989) and Episode 2913 (27th February 1989).
  • TV Times synopsis: Steve offers to pay for Curtis's private treatment; Sally dismisses Maria's political ambitions; and Abi seeks help from Gary to prevent Corey's getaway.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,801,511 viewers (8th place).

Notable dialogue

Tyrone Dobbs (to Steve McDonald): "Make a change for you, won't it? Going to a wedding when you're not the one gettin' hitched?"


Sally Metcalfe: "You do realise that the name Sally Metcalfe means something to the people in this area?"
Maria Connor: "Yeah - jailbird who married a bigamist."

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