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Part One: Kevin and Jack wait at the hotel. Debbie reports that the registrar is stuck in traffic and suggests they cancel the whole thing, but Abi suddenly arrives in her dress ready to go through with the ceremony. Debbie accepts the situation and offers to do her hair and make-up. Craig arrives at the demonstration and asks the protesters to disperse while Chris Golding's photographer takes pictures for her Gazette article. At the hospital, Curtis is taken for examination. He asks Steve to play things down when he informs Emma. Zeedan refuses Ryan's help in selling from the van. Danny tries out his new menu ideas on an appreciative Ronnie. A panicking Emma turns up as Curtis says he has been discharged with newly prescribed medication. Abi only texts Nina that the wedding is back on as she wants her to walk her down the aisle in Seb's place. Kevin is delighted to see his bride.

Part Two: Having thrown away the draft of her personal vows, Abi makes an extemporaneous speech instead, and makes Kevin do the same when he brings his notes out. They are married to applause from Jack, Debbie and Nina. The protest ended, Phill listens in as Maria gives Chris an interview. He asks if he can take her to the cafe later to hear her views. Debbie welcomes Abi to the family and genuinely wishes her luck. Nina is excited to receive a message from DS Swain saying they have enough DNA evidence from the clothing to charge Corey and passes on the news to a delighted Abi. James hurts his knee when he is tackled at training but doesn't tell the coach. Danny offers to go to physio with him tomorrow. Tyrone, Tim and Sally are disappointed to have missed the wedding. Zeedan claims he has made £800 cash in the van. Yasmeen tells him how proud she is of him. Imran is astonished when Nina tells him of Corey's imminent arrest, hopeful that he can appeal Kelly's conviction. Back home, Emma is upset when Curtis asks her to help him compose a bucket list, but is delighted when he ticks off the first item by going down on one knee and proposing to her. Phill suggests to Maria that she stands for the council in May's elections. She's instantly taken with the idea. The Websters are enjoying champagne when DS Swain turns up to break the news that Corey and Stefan have done a runner.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew. Exceptions were occasionally made for instances in which characters were required to be in close contact. These were made in accordance with the rules by employing measures such as more frequent testing and cast members bubbling up together prior to recording.
  • An article about Maria Connor featuring a photo of herself with Ken Barlow and Roy Cropper from this episode was shown during an episode of Channel 4's soap opera Hollyoaks on Friday 5th November. This initiative was for part of a week in which each of the major UK TV soaps included scenes involving one of their competitors, all on an environmental theme, to publicise the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference ("COP26") which was taking place in Glasgow that week. The idea was suggested by Emmerdale 's executive producer (and former Coronation Street storyliner) Jane Hudson.
  • TV Times synopsis: Kevin waits for Abi at the wedding venue; Curtis shocks Emma with a proposal; and Maria is pleased when Phill takes her campaign seriously.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,387,320 viewers (12th place).

Notable dialogue

Nina Lucas: "Finally get to see that pig behind bars."
Sally Metcalfe: "Oh, that reminds me - can I also have a sausage roll to go?"

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