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Part One: Abi stashes the gun inside a biscuit tin and hides it at No.13. Kevin and Jack put up a 'Welcome Home' banner for her. Imran strikes up a conversation with Rita in the Rovers by asking about her experiences as a foster parent. Rita happily gives him chapter and verse about her and Len's time with Sharon. James and Michael realise that Craig is avoiding them. Daisy admires Leo's flowers and concedes that it might be worth giving him a chance. Imran asks Rita if she's still in contact with Sharon and is told that she texts her occasionally. Alya and Yasmeen nervously tell Zeedan that they've taken Navid back on and are surprised when he supports their decision. Zeedan is similarly puzzled when he offers to start handling Speed Daal's finances only for his gran to to refuse point blank. Imran secretly takes Rita's phone but is forced to return it when it rings in his pocket. He manages to play it off as an accident. Excited to be a family again, Jack asks Abi to promise that she's back for good. He's hurt and angry when she refuses to give that assurance. She tells Kevin she doesn't want to make a promise she can't keep.

Part Two: James and Michael tackle Craig, who admits that he's been afraid to face them. He apologises to the pair for handling the PC Brody situation so badly and promises to do better the next time something similar happens. Kevin mollifies Jack by explaining to him that Abi is still grieving Seb. Alya tells Zeedan that Yasmeen likes doing the finances as it makes her feel capable. Dev buys Natasha a drink by way of apology for earlier and gets chatting to her. Bernie looks on with interest. Daisy finds the card that came with the flowers, in which Leo asks "J" for a date. She and Jenny realise who Leo is really after. Imran buys a picture of a family tree with space for the names of all the children they foster. Toyah loves it. Debbie picks up on Abi's doubts and demands that she stop stringing Kevin and Jack along. Jack tells Abi he understands why she couldn't promise him earlier. Abi squirms as she keeps her true plans a secret.


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