Albert suspects Minnie’s motives in taking Handel in. Elsie goes to see Mrs Painter who insists Mavis Sidlow has only two weeks to sort herself out as she is under pressure from the sales executives to improve the stats. Ken tells Albert that they’ve not yet made up their mind to go to Jamaica. Albert tells them he doesn’t like the idea of the twins being brought up there. Painter has enough of Elsie’s excuse about Mavis and tells her to fire her. Elsie refuses to sack her and is fired herself. Brian Hoggatt visits the Barlows and tells them how marvellous Jamaica is. Mavis reveals to Elsie that her husband left her a year ago - it was only an excuse and she has a boyfriend happily living with her. Elsie is livid at being used. The Barlows decide to go to Jamaica. Alan is annoyed over Elsie's firing because of his debts and they row. He rips up his bank book in frustration.


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