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Tyrone is desperate to find out where Alina and his baby are but Emma refuses to divulge her friend's location. He's at a loss as he doesn't know where in Romania Alina is from. Daniel starts his teaching placement at Weatherfield High. Mary sees George about Norris's funeral, seeing as it as her duty as his closest living relative. Tyrone tells Evelyn that Alina has left with his child. Evelyn marches over to the Rovers when he mentions that Emma knows where Alina is but isn't saying. Imran uses the last of the anonymous donation to pay for a clinical psychologist for Kelly. He admits to Toyah that he had to part fund it himself. Evelyn takes root at the Rovers' bar and badgers Emma until she gives her Alina's address in Romania. Yasmeen is thrilled to get a call from Zeedan on her birthday, promising to visit her within the next few weeks. She declares that she's going to start helping with the office work at Speed Daal again to give Alya a break. Emma caves in and tells Evelyn that Alina is staying at the Chariot Square Hotel but is flying out to Bucharest later. He races to catch her before she leaves for the airport. Gemma helps a grateful Freda with the funeral preparations. Freda passes on Norris's funeral instructions to George and is outraged to discover that Mary has begun planning an entirely different funeral, with a giant floral stapler. She reminds Mary that she and Norris were divorced and no longer close. Tyrone runs into Alina at the hotel as she's getting ready to check out. He tells her she's better off without him but begs her not to cut him out of his child's life. Alina reveals that she was never pregnant; she got the dates wrong. Imran visits Kelly and encourages her to join the Millbank Centre support group until her sessions with the psychologist have started. She'd rather forget her suicide attempt happened. Alina walks out of Tyrone's life, telling him he should never have left Fiz. Elaine pays a birthday visit to Yasmeen and offers to help out at an understaffed Speed Daal when they take a booking for a party of twelve. Daniel tries to be friendly to Max in class but is met with cheek from the lad. At the support meeting, Kelly is annoyed that the other inmates know she tried to kill herself. One of the girls, Mia, assures her that nobody is judging her as many of them have been through it, including her. With Alina out of the picture, Tyrone resolves to win Fiz back so that they can all be a family again. He doesn't think Fiz is serious about Phill. Mary and Freda argue over what to have at the funeral. Mary pencils in a bagpiper, pointing out that Freda won't hear it anyway. Daniel tells David that Max has potential if he drops the attitude. Tyrone lets himself into No.9 and sets the table for a romantic dinner with Fiz, not realising that she's on a date with Phill. He's forced to hide under the table when they return. Fiz assumes that Evelyn set the table for her and Phill and the loved-up couple begin snuggling on the sofa. The one-upmanship between Mary and Freda at the Rovers is interrupted by the surprise arrival of Claudia. Tyrone comes out of hiding when Fiz slags off his music tastes. Fiz is shocked to learn that he has designs on her and accuses him of only being interested because Alina has left. David orders Max to knuckle down at school. Yasmeen sorts out the invoices at Speed Daal and enjoys feeling useful again. Claudia reveals that the management at Stillwaters are happy to have Norris's wake there but Mary insists that his real friends are in Coronation Street. Rita breaks the stalemate, asserting that Norris would choose the street. Claudia is amused that Norris thought that she was having an affair with Charles. Evelyn advises Tyrone to give Fiz space but he refuses to stand by while another man takes his place at No.9. She's bewildered by his hypocrisy. Awaiting her flight at the airport, Alina orders a tomato juice as she cradles her stomach, indicating that she is pregnant after all.


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