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Part One: Imran questions the veracity of Eli's statement, suggesting that he's struck a deal in exchange for a lighter sentence. George chases Todd in a bid to retrieve Phelan's ashes but Todd trips up, sending the ashes flying. Sabeen calls Tommy Orpington as a character witness for Corey. Tommy says that Corey is a great role model but, as Imran cross-examines him, he admits that he's only met the lad a handful of times. Imran lures him into claiming that Corey has good attendance at the club, despite Corey missing training on the night of the attack, making the footballer look foolish. The trial is adjourned for the day. Eileen walks in as Todd is hoovering up the ashes. Todd makes out they're the ashes of Patsy Freedman, a little old lady with no living relatives. Alina is upset that Tyrone hasn't called her to say how things went with Hope. Michael suggests she do something to take his mind off his troubles. Curtis's test results don't show anything out of the ordinary but he's kept in hospital overnight for monitoring. Emma is concerned when he ignores his doctor's orders and goes home, refusing to spend his life in hospitals. Abi thinks Kelly is right and Corey's dad is bribing witnesses. Stefan threatens to sue her for slander when she accuses him.

Part Two: Tyrone steels himself to tell Alina that Hope will be his priority for the foreseeable future. Abi does some digging and finds Eli's dad - the man from court - on social media. She discovers that he's suddenly become mates with Stefan Brent. Emma listens in on Curtis's online support group meeting and gets flustered when he sees her after baring his emotions. Saddened by Patsy's plight, Eileen tells George she'd like to give the pensioner a send-off. Todd masks his guilt. Imran feels his case has been weakened by Kelly's outburst as it shows she has a temper. Curtis tells Emma he wants to make the most of things while he's well. She asks him to move in with her and he agrees. Tyrone is taken aback when Alina announces that she's booked them a holiday to Romania on the 15th. Abi's research finally bears fruit, as she discovers that Eli's dad, a former delivery driver, has just started as senior logistics consultant at Stefan's company.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew. Exceptions were occasionally made for instances in which characters were required to be in close contact. These were made in accordance with the rules by employing measures such as more frequent testing and cast members bubbling up together prior to recording.
  • Scenes at Weatherfield Crown Court were recorded at the old magistrates' court in Le Mans Crescent, Bolton. This shoot was the first piece of location filming conducted for the programme which was not in close proximity to the MediaCity studios since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sally Carman's shots for the storyline were recorded later separately to the other scenes over a two-day shoot as the actress was on sick leave due to Covid during the original filming.
  • Kate Waters was the fight arranger for the scene where Todd Grimshaw falls over and spills Pat Phelan's ashes.
  • The man in Curtis Delamere's support group is uncredited, despite having dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: Abi accuses Stefan of bribing Corey's witnesses; Curtis's health scare leaves Emma in a spin; and Todd forces George to deceive Eileen.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,687,848 viewers (4th place).
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