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Part One: It's day one of Corey and Kelly's trial. Nina goes to the police station to make a full statement about her recovered memories. The statement results in a short delay to the start of the trial. Sabeen tries to block it from being entered into evidence but she's overruled by the judge. As the trial begins, the prosecution makes the case that Corey and Kelly killed Seb together. Abi, Kevin, Amy and Simon watch the proceedings from the public gallery.

Part Two: The 999 call Seb made as he lay dying is played to the court. After hearing from the 999 operator, the paramedic at the scene, and a crime scene investigator, Imran cross-examines a forensic pathologist about the head trauma Seb suffered, establishing that his injuries could have been caused by a single attacker. As Nina waits to be called in, Roy presses her about her continued refusal to dress as she did before. He relates his own experiences of being picked on for his appearance, remarking that he never felt it was him who had to change. Nina says it's not the same thing. DS Swain takes the witness box and is questioned about the blood on Corey and Kelly's shoes and Kelly's dress. Seb's voicemail with Kelly's laughter in the background is replayed. Cross-examined by Imran, the detective asserts that while it doesn't prove that Kelly kicked Seb, it shows that she was close enough to have done so. Freshening up before taking the stand, Nina looks inside a bag Roy has left for her. Kevin warns Simon that Kelly is guilty as sin and he'll lose a lot of friends by supporting her. Roy is deeply proud when Nina arrives in the witness box in her goth clothes and make-up. Answering the prosecution's questions, Nina goes over the attack as she remembers it. She says she saw Corey kicking Seb and Kelly begging him to stop. Sabeen then asks her about the drawings she made to help jog her memories. Nina insists that they were just a tool, and not meant to be taken literally. The barrister tries to make the jury doubt Nina's memories by conflating them with the drawings, which Nina has admitted were made using her imagination. She asserts that Nina's memory can't be trusted as her recollections have changed several times.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew. Exceptions were occasionally made for instances in which characters were required to be in close contact. These were made in accordance with the rules by employing measures such as more frequent testing and cast members bubbling up together prior to recording.
  • Seb Franklin's voice is heard when the 999 call and voicemail recorded on the night of the attack by Corey Brent are played back in court. This was Harry Visinoni's final contribution to the programme.
  • Scenes at Weatherfield Crown Court were recorded at the old magistrates' court in Le Mans Crescent, Bolton. This shoot was the first piece of location filming conducted for the programme which was not in close proximity to the MediaCity studios since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sally Carman's shots for the storyline were recorded later separately to the other scenes over a two-day shoot as the actress was on sick leave due to Covid during the original filming.
  • TV Times synopsis: Kelly and Corey’s murder trial begins; Roy makes a heartfelt appeal; and Nina hopes that her new statement will bring about justice for Seb.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,633,748 viewers (7th place).
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