Hilda is confident of getting the housekeeping job. Stan is annoyed to discover Len and Ray have advertised for a housekeeper in the Corner Shop window. Newton & Ridley ring Annie about the sampling results and summon her to the brewery. She fears she'll lose the licence. She and Billy are upset at the lack of support from the neighbours who all walked out after the sampling officers left. Hilda calls at No.9 to get started and is upset when she is told they don't want her any more. Stan asks Bet and Betty not to crow when Hilda asks for her job back. Len interviews the efficient Eileen Hutchinson and asks her to come back to meet Ray. Annie comes back from the brewery saddened. They plan to prosecute. Billy tells Annie that Hilda would like her job back. Stan drinks in the Top Drum, not liking the atmosphere in the Rovers. Annie calls on Hilda and gives her her job back at the Rovers. Ray is delighted to interview the glamorous Gina Fletcher and asks her to come back to meet Len. Stan overhears Arthur Burrows talking about getting his own back on Annie. He thinks he might have something to do with the gin but Hilda tells him to keep out of it. The Rovers is almost empty and Annie gives Betty a week's notice as the staff have been outnumbering the customers. Betty is upset as Annie is keeping the cheaper but more glamorous Bet on. Ray is not impressed with Eileen but Len is with Gina. Len and Ray have to choose between them.


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Lucille Hewitt (about Annie Walker): "Well, she does look down on people. You know, treats them like she’s superior. You can’t expect ‘em to rush to her side."
Billy Walker: "Yeah, well I’m not one of them. I'm one as think she is superior to most of the muck round ‘ere."

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