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Part One: Adam and Sarah babysit Bertie while Daniel attends a pre-term meeting. Daisy continues her work on Daniel, making out that she's always wanted to be an English teacher. Hope fails to grasp how much trouble she's in as she awaits her police interview. Fiz and Tyrone take their daughter to the station, with Evelyn acting as the girl's appropriate adult during the questioning. Debbie goes through the bistro's menu with her new partners. Leanne is annoyed when she pulls rank every time there's a difference of opinion. DS Abney gently questions Hope about the difference between right and wrong. Sally decides that the solution to the parking crisis in the area is making Coronation Street residents only. Aggie offers her assistance but soon regrets it when Sally plonks a hefty pile of paperwork in front of her. Daniel drops off some teaching books for Daisy with Ryan in the Rovers. Sarah tells Adam she's willing to try for a baby.

Part Two: Hope tells the police that she wouldn't have started the fire if she'd known that Alina was there. Ryan asks Daisy why she's sharing her dreams with another bloke when she hasn't even told him. Daisy accuses him of jealousy. Hope's solicitor reveals that she will be charged after admitting to starting the fire, but it's unclear yet whether she'll get arson with intent to endanger life. Fiz and Tyrone worry that she'll get the maximum sentence of eight to twelve years. Leanne discovers that Debbie's fish supplier has saddled them with pollock instead of cod. As Adam changes a battery in Bertie's toy, Daniel arrives to collect him. Sarah notices the old battery has vanished and, fearing Bertie swallowed it, Daniel scoops him up to take him to hospital. In the street, a passing Daisy offers to administer first aid, but Daniel barks at her to get out of the way and rushes off.


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