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Tyrone comes up with a series of excuses to put Ruby off ringing Fiz. Alina wants to know how long they can stay in No.9, but Tyrone again delays contact. Roy speaks up for Asha to Nina. Having moved back into No.11, Todd prepares to begin his community payback work, wanting a fresh start. Evelyn comforts Alina by suggesting she do something to memorialise the baby. Roy and Nina are shocked when they discover the destroyed garden. Abi walks off when Sally suggests that it could easily be restored. Tyrone agrees to Alina's wish to lay flowers for the baby in Victoria Gardens, admitting that he finds it hard to talk about his dead son. Billy isn't pleased when Todd is assigned to help him at a soup kitchen he manages and would prefer to close it down rather than have him working there. Todd leaves to prevent that happening. Abi admits to Sally that she trashed the garden. Evelyn gets Cilla's number from Chesney. She rings her and finds out Fiz is not with her. Alina also hears from Chesney that his mum is on holiday in Cornwall with her new man. Having already guessed that Hope started the fire, Evelyn demands the truth from Tyrone who is barely holding it together. She tells him they need to face reality and get Fiz back today. As Ryan goes off to work at a gig, Daisy flirts with Daniel, saying how much she loves children like Bertie. Tyrone and Evelyn ring Fiz, telling her to come home. Tyrone assures her he wouldn't tell the police about Hope. Nina accuses Asha of vandalising the garden out of spite. As the two argue, Abi steps up and admits to being the culprit. Sean and Johnny are suspicious as they watch Daisy and Daniel chatting in one of the booths. Seeing Fiz and Hope's return, Alina rings Craig saying she has new information. Mary offers to intercede with Billy on Todd's behalf when he voices his fears that he'll be sent to prison if he doesn't do his community service. Fiz admits she's sometimes scared of Hope. Craig and DS Abney turn up at No.9 and take Fiz to the station for questioning. Alina admits she rang them. Refusing to have Seb's death glamourised when all she wants is justice, Abi gives Asha and Nina the reasons for her vandalism. Nina apologises to Asha for accusing her. Alina storms out of No.9, thinking that Fiz started the fire and Tyrone is covering for her. With extreme reluctance, Billy agrees to Mary's pleas that Todd help out at the kitchen. Sally gently counsels Abi that Seb would want his death to make folk look at themselves and try and become better people. Mary tells Todd the good news but warns him that the work Billy has lined up for him might not be glamorous as ladling soup. Johnny voices his suspicions about Daisy's motives to Jenny. Daisy invites Daniel to share a bottle of Chardonnay. Finding Alina in Victoria Gardens, Tyrone admits Hope was the arsonist. Alina is stunned. Billy gives Todd all the grotty jobs to do to teach him humility, whilst at the same time repelling all his attempts to be friendly. Jenny questions Daisy about what she's up to, telling her she's playing with fire. Not entirely convinced that Hope is the culprit, Alina finishes with Tyrone for protecting his ex. Evelyn questions Hope about the fire and is troubled by her lack of remorse. Nina, Asha and Roy are dismantling the garden when Abi turns up with a donated plant, wanting to change her mind and help with restoring the memorial. Nina's touched. Jenny watches like a hawk as Daisy and Daniel continue to chat, but their mood is broken when Ryan returns. The two look wistfully at each other as Daisy follows Ryan into the back. Billy rips into Todd when he continues with the wisecracks, vowing to make sure they're on different shifts from hereon in. Evelyn is upset for Tyrone when she finds out that he and Alina have split up. They are interrupted when DS Abney arrives, saying that Fiz has confessed to starting to fire and it's likely she'll go to prison.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes. P694/10402 was written by Mark Wadlow and P694/10403 by Emily Gascoyne.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • TV Times synopsis: Nina and Roy discover the memorial garden has been ransacked; as Evelyn and Alina quiz him about Fiz, Tyrone starts to regret going along with the plan; Todd tells Mary that he intends to be a better person, starting with his community service, but when Billy realises Todd has been assigned to work at the soup kitchen, he is furious and sends him packing.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,582,073 viewers (4th place).
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