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Fiz feels that the news about the candle clears Hope of starting the fire and delights in telling Evelyn that her suspicions were unfounded. Amy lets Aadi know that Summer likes robots. Lauren Fishman, the witness liaison officer, calls at the cafe for a meeting with Nina. Nina crumbles at the thought of having to relive her terrible ordeal. Drivers begin leaving their cars in Coronation Street rather than pay the new parking charge in Inkerman Street. Shona produces homemade parking tickets threatening to clamp any vehicles that park outside No.8 but Todd parks the hearse there regardless. Alina tells PC Rawani that someone moved the candle from the window. She and Tyrone are stunned to learn that an accelerant was used and the fire is now being treated as arson. Aadi gives Summer a toy robot and finally plucks up the courage to ask her out. She accepts and they start planning their first date. Tyrone tells Fiz that the fire wasn't an accident. As he and Alina go over who has access to the flat, Alina realises that her own keys are missing. She remembers that Fiz came round to collect Hope and suggests that she stole them. Tyrone suggests she misplaced them herself. Fiz gets Hope alone to question her about the fire. Catching Hope glancing at her toy box, Fiz opens the case and finds Alina's keys inside. Todd goes to pick up the hearse and finds the bonnet filled with shaving foam. Aadi excitedly tells Dev that he has a date but doesn't name the girl he's seeing. Nina decides to create a memorial veg plot for Seb when Billy mentions that one of his parishioners did something similar. Todd has the hearse valeted and sends David the bill. Tyrone asks Fiz if she accidentally picked up Alina's keys. She denies doing so but her cageyness nearly gives her away. Tyrone catches Hope about to leave No.9 with a packed suitcase. Tracy finds Dev making up a date hamper for Aadi and his new girlfriend and reveals that the lady in question is Amy. Emma accepts Alina's invitation to move back into the salon flat. Tyrone believes that Fiz started the fire and is doing a runner with Hope. Fiz swears on their children's lives that it wasn't her. To stop Tyrone from going to the police, she produces the missing keys and reveals that Hope is the true arsonist. Facing both her parents, Hope doesn't explain why she moved the candle. She only says that she went back for her dinosaur and didn't know that Alina was there. Tracy and Dev collude to keep the secret of Aadi and Amy's relationship from Steve. Tyrone doesn't care whether Hope meant to harm Alina or just set fire to the cot; either way she's not right in the head. He doesn't accept Fiz's excuse that she's had a troubled childhood, reminding her that Ruby has been through the same experiences and isn't a pyromaniac. He plans to tell the police everything. Tracy is forced to come clean about Aadi and Amy when Steve reads a text from Dev on her phone titled "RE: Sex". Nina shows Abi her designs for Seb's memorial garden. Abi feigns enthusiasm. Fiz begs Tyrone not to condemn Hope to a life of doctors and prison guards. Alina reports Fiz to the police for arson. Steve rails at Dev for encouraging his son to have sex with his daughter. They're arguing in the street when Aadi, Amy and Summer round the corner. As Aadi explains to everyone that they've got the wrong girl, Summer runs off, humiliated. Sarah returns the invoice to Todd and suggests that he starts building bridges with the neighbours rather than winding them up. Ed offers Nina the land next to the builder's yard for Seb's memorial garden. She's deeply touched by his generosity. Fiz explains her plan to Tyrone to make sure Hope is safe and come back for Ruby. She'll do anything to stop Hope from being taken away. Summer is mortified that everyone thinks she and Aadi are having sex and cools things off. Craig arrives at No.9 to question Fiz minutes after the lady in question has left the street with Hope, helped by Tyrone who pretends he's been on a breakdown the whole time.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes. P694/10396 was written by Debbie Oates and P694/10397 by Carmel Morgan.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • TV Times synopsis: Fiz tells Hope they need to talk about the fire; Aadi's love life causes confusion; Nina crumbles at the thought of having to relive her terrible ordeal; and Shona turns amateur traffic warden, dispensing home-made parking tickets.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,770,670 viewers (1st place).
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