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Alina and the baby are healthy after a night in hospital. She and Tyrone are overcome with relief. Eileen wonders about George's intentions towards her when she finds him flirting with a presumed client. Nina calls round with Summer's groomsmaid dress, completed before the wedding was called off. As Evelyn speculates about the cause of the fire, Hope states that Alina must be to blame, as she was the only one in the flat at the time. Izzy feels patronised by her colleagues and ignores all of their messages. Tyrone and Alina arrange to stay at the Rovers until they can return to the flat. The fire marshall informs Tyrone that an aromatherapy candle found at the seat of the fire, next to the cot, was the probable cause of the blaze. George explains to Eileen that the woman she saw earlier runs a funeral parlour and he has no romantic interest in her. He asks Eileen out and she accepts. Summer tries on the dress and worries that she looks fat. Aadi comes round with diabetic-friendly cookies to say sorry for giving her the cider. They turn out to be rock hard. Alina suddenly keels over in pain. The doctor confirms that the baby's heart has stopped beating - she's had a miscarriage. Aadi tells Summer how much he'd miss her if something happened to her. When Summer returns the sentiment, he panics and flees, leaving Summer confused. Alina thinks she as good as killed their baby by causing the fire. Tyrone tries to assauge her guilt by reminding her that she had stomach pains before the fire. As she prepares to meet George at the bistro, Eileen confesses to Mary that she's repulsed by the idea of being with someone who spends his days handling corpses. George hears everything from the flower shop and, thinking Eileen only agreed to the date out of pity, cancels by text. Carla and Sarah manage to reach Izzy on Zoom and apologise for making her feel like a charity case. Izzy admits that she's been struggling with the lockdown. Eileen is peeved when George goes into the Rovers with the woman from earlier and accuses him of binning her for his "floozy". Evelyn tells the girls that Alina has lost the baby. Hope thinks Tyrone will finish with Alina now and is annoyed to find out that he isn't.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • As Cherylee Houston was shielding when this episode was recorded, scenes set inside 28 Grayling Street were recorded inside the actress's real-life home, with Houston's husband, Toby Hadoke, portraying Izzy's neighbour Fergus Dunford. Filming equipment was sent by the Coronation Street team for Houston and Hadoke to record the scenes themselves [1].
  • TV Times synopsis: Alina is horrified to think she caused the fire with one of her candles; Eileen coyly accepts George's offer of dinner; and Billy becomes saddened at the thought of his cancelled wedding.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,509,367 viewers (4th place).
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