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Part One: Billy and Summer agree that they did the right thing reporting Todd to the police. Grace is on a high after sleeping with Michael. Freda sets Gemma and Chesney up with a BSL teacher. Eileen assures Billy that she was just as in the dark as him. Todd returns to the street after being given community service for theft. He tells Billy that he loathes himself for what he's done but Billy knows that his only regret is getting caught. Throwing his ring at Todd, he tells him they're done. Fiz struggles to convince Hope that people care about her. Eileen refuses to let her wayward son doss at No.11.

Part Two: Chilling out at Victoria Gardens, Aadi offers Summer a fruit cider. Summer accepts, thinking one can won't upset her blood sugar. James goes into hospital for his knee operation. Homeless and presumably jobless, Todd prepares to move on. He's taken aback when George refuses to fire him, despite now knowing that he used the undertaker's van to steal the heat pump. George explains that he similarly messed up once in his youth and worked hard to earn people's forgiveness, and he wants to give Todd the chance to do the same. He advises Todd to stop saying he's sorry to everyone and start showing it. Tyrone builds the cot in the living room only to discover it's too big to get through the doorframe. Fiz meets Phill for a date at Speed Daal but it's clear her mind is elsewhere. Meeting Charlie, the teacher, Chesney admits he's struggling with sign language and hopes Aled's operation will make things easier. Billy apologises to Paul for believing Todd over him. Paul is unforgiving as Billy was so quick to believe the worst of him. Hope discovers that her room at the flat is earmarked for the baby and she'll be relegated to the sofa in future. Todd takes George's advice and remains in Weatherfield. When Aadi tells him that Summer went home feeling unwell, Todd goes to check on her. He kicks the door down when his calls go unanswered and finds Summer passed out on the floor.

Part Three: Billy and Paul rush to hospital when Aadi tells them Summer's been taken away in an ambulance. James's surgery goes well but he'll be out of action for two months. He thinks he'll have been replaced by the time he's recovered. Fiz finishes with Phill, telling him that her daughters need stability right now. Billy thanks Todd for saving Summer but asks him to leave regardless. Michael sees Grace talking to a man outside No.3. Summer comes to and confesses to Billy that she didn't take her insulin. She tells him she hates her life.

Part Four: Feeling he's brought it on Summer by inviting Todd back into his life, Billy tells her that she's the only person the matters from now on. Todd hangs on at the hospital to find out how Summer is and gets blamed for her condition by Billy, accused of messing with her head. Billy tells Todd that if he really does love them, he'll leave them alone. As Gemma continues to agonise over whether to go through with Aled's cochlear implant operation. Charlie asks her to consider whether she'd be doing it to improve Aled's life or hers and Chesney's. Michael looks through Grace's phone to find out if she's hiding something from him. Ronnie tells him that the man owns an online kids store and is putting in a big order for Michael's baby grows; Grace was going to surprise him. Michael admits that he isn't sure he wants to get back with Grace. At No.9, Evelyn assures Fiz that Hope is fine but in the back yard, Hope rips the head off the baby's teddy and stuffs it in her backpack.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes. Both halves were written by Ella Greenhill.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • The main entrance of the Tony Warren Building at MediaCity studios doubles as the exterior of Weatherfield General.
  • TV Times synopsis: Grace is delighted to have rekindled her romance with Michael; Todd dashes to the aid of an unconscious Summer; and Fiz puts her family first.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,714,479 viewers (1st place).
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