Betty is annoyed that Annie gave Bet a holiday over the Christmas and New Year period and is not impressed by Annie's offer of her assistance during the period. Irma is grateful for Billy trying to bring her out of herself over Christmas. Hilda fills out a questionnaire in the paper which gives her a result that she's undervalued. She thinks a pay rise is due. Annie wins Betty round by telling her she'll call her Elizabeth from now on whilst Bet will remain the more common Bet. Billy finds two boxes of bitter lemons short on the drayman's delivery. He realises drayman Arthur Burrows is trying to rob them and forces him to make good the discrepancy. Annie refuses to give Hilda a rise unless there is a productivity increase and after a period of consideration on her part. Ray has trouble cooking so Hilda lends him a hand after Elsie refuses. Ray is delighted and flatters her with a comment that they could do with her being round every day of the week. Alan is cheerful at his prospects. Annie tells Billy how grateful she is for his support. Stan is annoyed that he got no dinner while Hilda was looking after Ray. Elsie is surprised to find the gin has been watered down in the Rovers but refuses to make a fuss. Hilda offers her services to Len and Ray as housekeeper. Len puts her off with a promise to think about it. Albert is tired of Minnie moving his things around. Ray is taken with the idea of a housekeeper and jokingly puts the offer to Irma. Officers from the Health Department arrive at the Rovers following a complaint of the spirits being watered down and take samples for examination.


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