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Summer tackles Will to ask why he's been avoiding her on social media. Will lets her tag along to a college open day to keep up the act of being her friend. Tyrone picks up a Weatherfield County FC Ted bear for the baby. James faces the backlash from the arrest without his partner by his side, as Danny is away on a cheffing course. Billy and Todd decide to marry in five weeks' time, with their ex-boyfriends barred from the service. James lodges a complaint with the police that PC Brody racially profiled him and Michael. Will realises that Todd ripped him off when Summer tells him about him putting £1,000 towards the halfway house. Brody is aghast that he's been branded a racist and announces that he's contesting the complaint. He asks Craig to back up his claim that James was driving erratically but Craig doesn't agree with the assessment. Unable to stand Summer praising Todd any longer, Will comes clean about Todd paying him to pose as a damaged child, and the lengths Todd went to in order to split up Billy and Paul. Summer doesn't believe him and calls him a jealous nasty child. Discussing James's arrest, Tim and Steve argue about whether white privilege exists. Mary, Ryan and Emma set up the calendar launch party at Victoria Gardens. Dev is aghast that his nude picture is being displayed on a huge screen in front of an audience. Summer repeats Will's allegations to Todd. Todd laughs them off and demands she stay away from Will in future. Paul receives a video message from Will but doesn't look at it. The calendar models become too self-conscious to attend the launch after Dev tells them what he saw. Toyah and Imran visit Kelly and assure that she might not have her mum's support, but they'll be there for her every step of the way. Kelly reveals that social services want to talk to her about the neglect she suffered. She accepts Imran's offer to be by her side for the interview. Emma introduces the behind-the-scenes video. As she presses play, the locals are treated to Will's video of Todd's confession instead. With Todd powerless to stop it, Billy and Summer look on in horror as it slowly dawns on them what they're seeing.


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