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Fiz enthuses to Evelyn about her date with Phill. She's delighted when he texts her to ask her out that evening, but Evelyn refuses to babysit again when Hope is rude to her. Emma and Curtis are happy in each other's company though he doesn't want to talk about living with his condition. The printers demand his calendar images immediately to meet their deadline. Michael has a hangover and has to view two nurseries for Glory today. Toyah advises Emma on techniques for coping with her friend's condition. James is reluctant to agree to the magazine interview. A happy Grace confesses to Danny that she wants her and Michael to give things a go again. Fiz asks Tyrone if he'll have the girls as she has a second date. He refuses, telling her that he's got plans to take Alina out for dinner. She accuses him of being jealous. Tyrone begs Evelyn to babysit. By chance, Dev receives a visit from Alastair, a member of the posh Royal Luscombe Golf Club near Altrincham that Dev is applying to join. Hearing chat about the calendar, Alastair mentions that such activities wouldn't go down well at the club. Alarmed, Dev asks Steve to get Curtis to contact him as soon as possible. Hope stirs things up by telling Tyrone that Fiz and Phill will be dining at the bistro. Dev tells Curtis that he wants to pull out of the calendar. Curtis promises he'll do his best but fears it's too late. In the cafe, Michael enthuses about the day nursery they've chosen for Glory. Sat nearby, Kirk clocks Grace's obvious devotion. Having enjoyed Sam's stay, Leanne agrees he can come again during the holidays. Nick plans a surprise for her. Laura makes plans to meet Chris. Sarah is unhappy with Laura's work rate. In the factory, Kirk tells a surprised Michael that it's clear that Grace is in love with him. Tyrone asks Alina to change their plans to go out in Manchester and instead suggests the bistro. Dev is appalled when a badly placed kiwi looks like something else on his photograph. Sat with Phill, Fiz is disappointed when Tyrone and Alina walk into the bistro. Dev brandishes the calendar picture at Curtis and Emma and demands they put a stop to the print run. Alina makes Tyrone change places when he can't help but get annoyed as he stares at Fiz and Phill at their nearby table. Michael tries to avoid being alone with Grace. Curtis stresses over the calendar and has a funny turn. Emma worries for his health. Emma asks Debbie for a word about Curtis. James advises Michael to be honest with Grace. Getting drunk, Tyrone gets wound up as Fiz laughs at Phill's jokes. Suffering from a headache, Alina heads home leaving Tyrone to pay the bill. Tyrone can’t resist making snide remarks at Fiz and Phill's expense. Nick sends a taxi to pick up Leanne for her surprise. Tyrone's bravado turns to embarrassment when his card is declined. In a bid to make peace, Phill pays Tyrone's bill. He's humiliated and takes a drunken swing at Phill, causing him to trip. After they all leave, Alina sees the three of them and Craig arguing outside the eatery. Meeting Chris, Laura asks her if she'd be interested in doing a piece on Kelly and wonders how much she'd pay. Spotting a light on, Sarah finds the two of them together and Laura has to cover. Steve and Tim laugh at Dev's expense over the picture. Nick surprises Leanne with a night at the Chariot Square Hotel, determined they should spend more time together. Phill asks to see Fiz again. Curtis isn't pleased when Debbie sends him home on Emma's advice and asks her to respect the way he wants to live his life. Alina accuses Tyrone of pining after Fiz. She makes him sleep on the sofa and presents him with an ultimatum to forget his ex or else.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes. Both halves were written by Owen Lloyd-Fox.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • Mark Strange was credited as the fight arranger for the scene where Tyrone Dobbs attempts to punch Phill Whittaker.
  • TV Times synopsis: In the knowledge that Fiz and Phill will be there too, Tyrone takes Alina to the bistro; Michael becomes aware of Grace's feelings for him; and Laura tries to sell Kelly's story.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,556,655 viewers (3rd place).
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