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Emma is still heart-broken. Tracy is livid that Curtis dumped her, seemingly without good reason. Steve remains quiet. Nick prepares for a game of chess with Sam, wanting to spend quality time with his son. Leanne thinks they should go to the park with David and Sam's cousins and they have some time on their own but Nick wants to be with his son. Michael goes for a promotional interview at Underworld. Grace is finding domestic motherhood boring. Danny invites her and Michael to join him and James at the bistro later on. Curtis asks for a cab to the hospital to attend a consultation. Steve offers to go with him. Fiz gets ready for her date with Phill. Chris alerts Fiz to the fact that Tyrone is trying to tout his story to the Gazette. Tracy is baffled when she sees Steve and Curtis in a Street Cars cab. Laura calls in the Rovers and moans to Imran that she's skint and can't find a job. When Carla reveals they’re looking for a cleaner at the factory, Imran bags the job for her. While Steve waits at the hospital with Curtis, Debbie blurts out to Emma and Tracy in the pub that Curtis was seeing another woman in the bistro and that Steve knew. Emma cries and tries to contact Steve for an explanation. Back from the park, a stressed Nick fusses over a graze on Sam’s knee. Fiz confronts Tyrone in the cafe over his proposed article. He agrees not to write it but has to find a way to tell Alina. Sarah is taken aback when Carla introduces Laura as the new cleaner. Carla is taken aback to find out she is Kelly's mum. Laura is intrigued to find out that Fiz probably received payment for her Gazette article. Sam overhears Leanne and Nick bickering after she says they should stop mollycoddling the boy. Unseen, Sam wanders onto the balcony, his headphones clamped to his ears. Alina is angry with Tyrone for dropping the article. Thinking Sam is missing, a frantic Nick heads out in search of him. A depressed Michael fails to get the job, Toyah being promoted instead. Grace is happy that he thinks the bistro meal is a good idea. Tracy sees Steve and Curtis returning and demands an explanation. Steve gives in and says where they have been but not why. With his position forced, Curtis is forced to tell Emma that he is very sick.


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Notable dialogue

Evelyn Plummer: "Tyrone's trying to write a story? He can't even write his full name."


Fiz Stape (to Tyrone Dobbs): "Too busy writing your story, aren't yer? 'My life of grime, by Mr Slime, and his mistress, Funtime.'"

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