Everyone except Albert cancels the panto because of Joe's death and the tickets are given to twenty underprivileged children but Emily and Len can't find any chaperones aside from Albert. Minnie goes out for dinner with friend Rosemary Kennedy and Albert has to make his own dinner. Minnie is still saddened at Joe's death. Irma signs a statement about Joe's confession concerning him being the cause of Steve Tanner's death and Castle tells her the latter case will be reopened. Albert is unfazed by the thought of all the children. Castle asks to interview Stan. Hilda thinks it'll to be to be given a medal. The children turn out to be completely wild and Bet makes Emily realise Albert won't be able to cope alone. She takes the afternoon off work and goes with him with some trepidation. Elsie tells Alan she always thought Len had killed Steve. Gregg and Gary decide to throw a farewell party in the Rovers with all the drinks on them. Castle interviews Minnie and she signs her statement. She insists that Joe was a kind young man and that's how she'll remember him. Gregg, Gary and their pals turn up for the party with all the food. Albert turns up in the Rovers alone and tells the regulars that Emily disappeared during the meal when the children started flicking rice around. Castle interviews Elsie and admits she was on his list of suspects. A dishevelled Emily arrives at the pub and tells the regulars that Albert was a bigger handful than the children and that's why she fled. Maggie is sad that Gregg is leaving for Germany and says her goodbyes to him at home, not wanting to go to the party. Annie makes a speech of farewell at the party and a toast to Christmas and the New Year. Minnie tells Ena she doesn't like living with Albert any more.


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Hilda Ogden: "He’s a cosmopolite, is my Stan."

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