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Sarah tells Izzy that she can't work from home any more. Todd assumes that Paul wrote the threatening note and marks his card. Paul warns him to back off or he'll need a staff discount on a coffin. Alya speaks to Debbie on Ryan's behalf and comes back with an offer of part-time assistant manager but Ryan still isn't interested. Ryan and Daisy set up an Instagram account for their mobile pub and DJ but need some promo images to get started. Gail has second thoughts about Thailand as she fears it'll cut Nick off from Sam. Sean asks Eileen if he can have Todd's old room as he can't afford to keep his Redbank apartment on without his Double Glammy earnings. Eileen says no when he asks if he can live at No.11 rent-free until he clears his debts. Todd receives a nasty text message from an anonymous number. Izzy becomes emotional when Sally gives her a virtual tour of the factory. After the call, she asks to use Fergus's printer. Billy finds out what's been going on when he discovers a note on his door telling him to ask Todd about the lies. Todd identifies Paul as the sender, even more confident due to the note being written on the back of a flyer from the helpline. Billy is incensed that Paul threatened Todd. Gary receives a text from Izzy asking him to have Jake full-time. He goes to see her but she doesn't answer her door. Ryan and Daisy hold a promo party at Victoria Gardens for Simon's 18th. Daisy instructs Alya to pay her friend a visit at the posh boutique in the precinct, as she'll sort her out with a wow dress. Billy confronts Paul with the note. Paul doesn't get a chance to deny writing it as Billy rages at him, barring him from seeing Summer. Todd gets another text asking to meet the sender at the Red Rec. Alya shares her fears with Yasmeen that Daisy is after Ryan. She suspects Daisy is just pretending that she knows the owner of the boutique. Yasmeen advises her to take the advice, as it's win-win for her either way. Paul and Gemma start questioning who really sent Todd the notes. As Natasha and Sam arrive to see her off, Gail tries to wear Natasha down by telling her how Nick lost his dad when he was Sam's age. Leanne also sticks up for Nick, telling Natasha that he needs to see his son. Natasha maintains that he's put Sam in danger too many times. Fergus secretly calls Sarah using Izzy's laptop whilst the seamstress is indisposed. He reveals a bad fall Izzy had last year that she hasn't told anyone about. As her neighbour, he has formed a bubble with Izzy to care for her. He says she's still recovering both physically and mentally. Catching him on her laptop, a flustered Izzy resigns from Underworld and kills the call. George and Sean agree to help each other get back into Eileen's good books. Alya and Daisy turn up at the party wearing the same dress. Alya thinks she's been set up. Carla refuses to take the blame for Izzy's resignation, noting that they would have supported her if she'd told them what she was going through. Natasha relents over Nick but tells him he's on his last warning. Alya is put out when Ryan stays behind after the party to help Daisy clear up rather than go into Manchester with her. Todd stands up "Paul" only to catch the hooded assailant trying to break into the flat. The aggressor flees, only to trip on the kerb and hit a brick wall. Todd is stunned to recognise him as Will. Revealing he's skint, the lad demands £4,000 from Todd or else he'll tell Billy everything. Todd tells him to get lost. Paul meets with Ajay Dewan and finds out that Todd ghosted him after Paul left the helpline. He's interested when Ajay opines that Todd was only using him to play a part. Alya tells Ryan that Daisy fancies him. He says they're just colleagues and is annoyed when Alya refers to his DJing as a hobby. Nick, David, Shona and Audrey say goodbye to Gail as she leaves in a taxi. Sarah, Kirk and Sally accuse Carla of poor management. Carla refuses to talk Izzy round and accuses Sarah of pursuing a vendetta. Todd gives Will £600 and says it's all he's getting. Will reveals that he kept the SIM card from the phone he threw away and will show Billy the texts if he doesn't cough up.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes. Both halves were written by Debbie Oates. It was broadcast at 8.00pm on Tuesday 6th July to enable further coverage of the Euro 2020 football tournament to be broadcast on the Wednesday.
  • The episode was made available to stream on the ITV Hub on Monday 5th July, ahead of its ITV transmission following a decision taken by ITV to release all episodes of both Coronation Street and Emmerdale at the start of each week for the duration of the Euro 2020 football tournament, a time when the soaps were frequently displaced from their usual timeslots, so that viewers could watch at their convenience.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • As Cherylee Houston was shielding when this episode was recorded, scenes set inside 28 Grayling Street were recorded inside the actress's real-life home, with Houston's husband, Toby Hadoke, portraying Izzy's neighbour Fergus Dunford. Filming equipment was sent by the Coronation Street team for Houston and Hadoke to record the scenes themselves [1].
  • The scene with Gary Windass in the yard of 28 Grayling Street was shot in the corner shop yard at the MediaCity studios, albeit redressed and shot at a tight angle to obscure the Coronation Street terrace. As a result, the yard bears no resemblance to the property seen in Episode 7654 (25th July 2011).
  • Glenn Marks was the stunt co-ordinator and Eddy Beckett the stunt double for the scene in which Will trips and falls against the brick wall of the viaduct on Rosamund Street.
  • TV Times synopsis: Sarah wants Izzy to return to the factory; while Billy confronts Paul. Todd finds a hooded figure about to break into his flat.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 4,758,152 viewers (12th place).
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