The police seal off both ends of the Street, apart from the Rovers, and have No.5 surrounded. Joe starts to crack up. Minnie tells him she isn't frightened of him, just worried for him. The US Military Police tries to talk him out from the back yard but Joe fires at them through the window, frightening the residents. Irma confesses the fear that she's been living under the past few weeks to Hilda. Len hears from the police that they think Minnie is in the house, causing Ena to start panicking as she waits in the Rovers. Gregg tries to talk Joe out, or at least send Minnie out. Joe goes into a reverie about his hatred of his stepfather and his loneliness as a child after the death of his father. Minnie cries as she listens. Stan listens sympathetically to Irma's story and gets furious at both what Joe has put her through and for Minnie being held hostage. Elsie assures Len she hasn't spent the past two years thinking he killed Steve. Detective Chief Inspector Castle turns up, having heard of a rumpus on the street involving American soldiers and saw a link with the 1968 case, even though Donelli had an alibi at the time. Stan manages to get past the police and into No.13. From there he makes his way over the back walls to No.5 and inside, substituting himself with Minnie as Joe's hostage. She and Bobby are brought into the pub, to Ena's relief. Castle rips into Gary for giving Joe a false alibi. Joe insanely makes Stan sing Silent Night before turning the gun on himself and firing. The next day, Stan is proclaimed a hero by the residents and the press and his drinks are on the house. Albert takes Minnie in when she doesn't want to stay in No.5. All the residents cancel their bookings for Emily's Christmas outing except for Albert. Len gives the tickets to a gang of rough kids on the Red Rec but doesn't tell Albert he'll be the only adult in the party.


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