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Alina still feels nauseous but is more worried about Tyrone, having heard about Kirsty's death. He dreads telling Ruby. Jenny is excited as she prepares to head into Manchester to sign the mortgage papers. Daisy hides the Gazette from her. Tyrone's grateful as Fiz helps him organise Kirsty's funeral. James begins to stress as his manager, Robert Dover, asks to meet him at the bistro, convinced it's to break bad news. Alina asks Sally to explain herself when she say nobody in the area will mourn Kirsty. Fiz sits in as Tyrone tells Ruby about her mother's death. The little girl doesn’t seem to take in the news. Nick's saddened that Natasha still won’t let him see Sam, although Gail still can. Yasmeen rings Alya from her bank to say they have agreed to repossess the community centre, meaning she can pay off all her debts. Ryan comforts her, realising she was upset as the place was named after her mother. He points out that it gets Geoff out of their lives for ever. A vengeful Daisy redoes the rota and takes all of Sean's shifts, effectively sacking him. Having heard about the support Fiz gave Tyrone when Kirsty abused him, Alina is concerned to see the two of them together when she returns from having bought a pregnancy testing kit. Sean is down as he looks for another job. Robert tells James that Tommy Orpington is retiring and he'd like to promote him into his place to the No.9 shirt. He's delighted. A press conference is planned for the announcement tomorrow. Alya has to refuse an invitation for a game of indoor golf from a disappointed Ryan as she's booked herself and her gran into a spa for the afternoon. Confronting Tyrone, Alina's hurt that she had to find out from Sally about Kirsty because he kept her in the dark. He tells her that it's something he still finds it hard to talk about. Emma points out to Daisy that with Sean gone, so too has Betty's hotpot recipe. Daisy tells her to make them herself. As James shares his good news with Ronnie, he's surprised to see Danny Tomlinson suddenly walk into the bistro. Danny suggests lunch. Kirk complains about his sub-standard hot pot. Gemma accuses Daisy of sacking Sean and Emma asserts she’s not lifting a finger until he's reinstated. Tyrone and Alina row when she weeps about being kept in the dark. When he demands to know why she's being so difficult, she shows him the positive pregnancy test.


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  • This episode was provisionally scheduled to be possibly shown at 7.30pm on Monday 28th June, pending any changes brought about by coverage of the Euro 2020 football competition. In the event, transmission was moved to an unforeseen slot on Tuesday 29th June at 8.00pm (originally slated for either football or Midsomer Murders) with the next episode following immediately afterwards, but no time was left to amend the credits to present it as a one-hour double episode. The ITV1 announcer also introduced it as a "double bill" rather than an hour-long episode.
  • The episode was made available to stream on the ITV Hub on Monday 28th June, ahead of its ITV transmission following a decision taken by ITV to release all episodes of both Coronation Street and Emmerdale at the start of each week for the duration of the tournament, a time when the soaps were frequently displaced from their usual timeslots, so that viewers could watch at their convenience.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • TV Times synopsis: Alina makes an upsetting discovery about Tyrone's past.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 4,825,401 viewers (18th place).
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