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Rita hopes that Sharon will stay on now that she's broken free from Harvey. Sharon counters that she'll be branded a grass and has to get as far away as possible for her own safety. Steve starts his 47th birthday wishing he had a bike like Tyrone's. Emma tells Steve and Tracy about Curtis and his mystery woman. Tyrone accidentally knocks his bike over and traps himself underneath. Fiz is amused by the sight and takes pictures to capture the moment. Jenny and Daisy move ahead with their plan to buy the Rovers, with Daisy applying for a bank loan based on her Double Glammy earnings to raise the deposit. Tyrone decides that he and Fiz need a professional mediator. Sean tells Mary he's quitting Double Glammy. Mary suggests that he could do more than save his own skin. He follows her suggestion and gives Daniel everything he needs to write a damning article on Double Glammy in the Gazette. Carol and Gemma tell their stories to Daniel after Sean promises to repay their initial investment out of his own pocket and apologises for getting them involved. Leanne and Sharon snipe at each other as they arrive in court for the verdict. At the mediation session, Tyrone and Fiz agree that they want to get along better for the kids' sake but start arguing when Fiz makes cracks about Tyrone having a mid-life-crisis. Jenny and Daisy celebrate when Daisy is granted the loan. Ronnie reminds Jenny that his offer to invest is still there. Fiz catches sight of Tyrone's new T&A (Tyrone and Alina) tattoo and accuses him of having a breakdown when he says Alina has one too. The jury find Harvey guilty. He is remanded in custody until the sentencing. Sharon leaves the courtroom with a smile on her face. Daisy is furious when Sean tells her he's been to the press. Steve tackles Curtis about his messing Emma around and discovers that the woman, Danielle, was simply a wine merchant who was giving him a lift home. As Sharon prepares to leave Weatherfield, she drops heavy hints to Rita that the £10,000 she gave her would come in handy. Rita readily offers to withdraw the money for her. Arriving back home, Tyrone has some news broken to him by a police officer. Jenny and Daisy agree on a 95/5 partnership, with Jenny paying the mortgage on the pub. Jenny catches Rita on her way to the bank and guesses what's going on. Rita insists that Sharon has earned a second chance but Jenny tells her that if Sharon really cared about her, she wouldn't take the money. Rita returns to the flat with £9,000 in cash and annoys Sharon by putting the kettle on instead of giving it to her immediately. Emma arrives at the bistro for Steve's birthday meal and is shocked to discover it's off so that she can have a date with Curtis instead. Curtis tells her she's the only one he cares about. A shell-shocked Tyrone tells Fiz that Kirsty has been found dead in her flat, having suffered an aneurysm. He reveals that he's been asked to put her affairs in order, as her mum is dead and her dad can't be found. It's clear that the memories of his suffering at Kirsty's hands still hurt and Fiz is sympathetic, offering to help him tell Ruby. Daisy offers Daniel the perspective of someone who's made a success of Double Glammy in order to write a more balanced article. He tells her he's already submitted his article to the Gazette and proudly shows off the finished product on the website, headlined "Double Scammy". Jenny's words hit home with Rita and she withdraws her offer, telling Sharon that she needs to show she can be trusted first. Sharon thanks Rita for giving her a chance to rebuild her life and leaves Weatherfield. Johnny has the papers drawn up for the sale of the pub. Daisy doesn't know how to tell Jenny that they'll have to pull out. Alina feels nauseous. Emma suggests that she's pregnant.


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  • Final appearance of Tracie Bennett as Sharon Bentley.
  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes and was made available to stream on the ITV Hub on Monday 21st June, ahead of its ITV transmission following a decision taken by ITV to release all episodes of both Coronation Street and Emmerdale at the start of each week for the duration of the Euro 2020 football tournament, a time when the soaps were frequently displaced from their usual timeslots, so that viewers could watch at their convenience.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • The jury foreman and police officer are uncredited, despite having dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: As Fiz continues to mock Tyrone, he reveals he has booked them a mediation session; Sharon packs her bags and tells Rita that after giving evidence she fears for her life; and with a potential buyer due, Daisy suggests to Jenny that she take out a loan and they buy the pub together.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,601,069 viewers (6th place).
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