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Simon reluctantly agrees to follow Leanne's lead and tell the truth in court. Tracy is bemused by Emma's offer of brunch at the bistro. Rita disturbs an intruder in her flat. She's relieved to discover it's Sharon, who's come to her for aid after taking a beating from Rhys. Shona overhears Billy and Todd discussing Summer's possible eating disorder and comes away believing that it's a certainty. Sean prepares to host a seminar for new Double Glammy recruits at the bistro. Eileen thinks he's trying to be someone he isn't. Nick encourages Natasha to start a new life with Sam in London as Weatherfield won't be safe for them once Leanne has testified against Harvey. Natasha is quietly accepting. Tracy realises what her stepdaughter is up to when Emma keeps calling Curtis over to their table. Emma's delight when Curtis asks her out turns to horror when Tracy turns him down on her behalf. Gail refuses to support Nick as he chooses Leanne over Sam yet again, reminding her son that Leanne is in a mess of her own making. Nick says he has no choice. Summer mentions to Amy that she's partial to boys who wear makeup. Aadi takes note of the comment. Hearing Sharon's side of the story, Rita goes to call the police. Sharon stops her. Summer thinks Billy has been blabbing to the neighbours about her personal problems when Shona says she's there if she wants to talk about her eating disorder. Sharon explains to Rita that she can't go to the police as she'll end up in prison, where Harvey will get to her. At the bistro, the new recruits find Sean cheesy but warm to him eventually. Carol interrupts to tap Sean for rent money as she hasn't been able to sell her gear. He gives her £50. Tracy tells Emma that she needs to play hard to get and stop appearing too eager. Sharon begs Rita to give her the £10,000 back so she can disappear and start a new life. Summer faints again while rowing with Billy. She is rushed to hospital in an ambulance. Jenny checks on Rita and is suspicious when she gets rid of her as fast as possible. Sean tells his recruits that Carol is a homeless person he helps out with his earnings. Listening from afar, Carol is hurt. Rita agrees to give Sharon the money but needs to give three working days notice before transferring the sum. She goes into her bedroom to take a security call from the bank. Billy is told that Summer has Type 1 Diabetes. Summer struggles to digest the news that she'll have to have insulin injections every day for the rest of her life. Billy and Todd feel guilty for missing the signs and they agree to deal with it as a family. Emma gives Tracy's plan a try. Tracy instructs her to appear completely uninterested in Curtis; don't text him and ignore him if he texts her. Jenny uses her spare key to let herself into Rita's flat and catches Sharon there with Rita. She's in the middle of warning Rita about the trouble she could get into when they hear police sirens; Rita called the police earlier, not the bank. Sharon makes a run for it but is apprehended by DS Glynn and arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to supply class A drugs. As she's led into the police car, she tells Rita that there are no hard feelings.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes and was transmitted at 9.00pm due to disruption to the normal schedules caused by coverage of the Euro 2020 football competition. It had been made available to stream on the ITV Hub on Monday 21st June, ahead of its ITV transmission following a decision taken by ITV to release all episodes of both Coronation Street and Emmerdale at the start of each week for the duration of the tournament, a time when the soaps were frequently displaced from their usual timeslots, so that viewers could watch at their convenience.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • TV Times synopsis: Rita's shocked to find Sharon in her flat, having taken a beating from Harvey's gang for trying to warn Leanne; Summer is horrified to realise Billy and Todd think she has an eating disorder; and Emma flirts with Curtis in the bistro.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,233,750 viewers (9th place).
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