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Nina returns after being out all night and claims that she has been staying with a friend. Gemma reminds Chesney that they have another sign language lesson after work today. Summer has troubling focussing on her revision. Billy worries that she’s looking sick and he and Todd pressure her into seeing Dr Gaddas. Curtis invites Emma to a cocktail evening that he’s hosting at the bistro and she disappoints him when she says she’ll bring some friends along. Nick, Leanne and Simon return home as Harvey’s trial begins. Simon isn’t looking forward to the outcome when they change their evidence. Nina goes into Underworld with her designs for a presentation. Sarah worries if she’s in a fit enough state. Having heard about the cocktail night, Maria invites Fiz to join her. Nina stumbles badly through her presentation and is rude to Mrs Copeland, the customer. Sarah takes her to task and is told to stick her job. Nina then goes to the Rovers where she tells Daisy she’s meeting an older guy whose room she spent the night in at the Chariot Square Hotel. Daisy isn’t impressed with Hughie when he arrives. Summer has a consultation with Dr Gaddas where she opens up about how hard she’s finding things and how tired she is all the time. The doctor thinks she’s suffering stress and anxiety and refers her to mental health services. Leanne lies to DS Glynn that she’s heard nothing from Harvey’s gang. Nina and Hughie get drunk, and Daisy refuses to serve them any more. They go back to his hotel instead. Gemma is angry when Chesney misses the lesson. To make amends, he changes his shifts so that they have the weekend together. Forgetting it’s Father’s Day, Gemma tells him she has other plans involving Bernie and Paul. Worried about Nina, Daisy tells Abi who follows the girl along to the hotel. Concerned that she's been got at, DS Glynn underlines to Leanne how important her evidence is in order to put Harvey away and prevent him from ruining more lives. Fiz’s heart sinks when Alina arrives for the cocktail evening dressed to the nines, closely followed by Tyrone in his new skinny jeans. Drinking with Hughie in the bar, Nina spots Tommy Orpington but her mood changes when Corey arrives for a business meeting with him and sports agent Matt, with Tommy suggesting he sign up the promising player. Fiz watches on as Tyrone’s inane chatter struggles to get Alina’s attention. Tommy mistakes Nina as a fan when she approaches them and he takes a selfie with her. When he suggests she does the same with Corey, Nina tells them exactly who he is. Maria arrives late at the bistro and is mortified that Fiz was left alone to be with Tyrone and Alina nearby. They laugh as Tyrone struggles to walk in his tight jeans. Matt is livid with Tommy for introducing him to someone with Corey’s baggage. Abi arrives to prevent Nina doing anything stupid. In prison DS Glynn tells Harvey his intimidation tactics won’t work and the witnesses won’t be swayed. Abi intervenes when Nina asks Hughie to take her to his room. When Curtis offers Tyrone his secondhand motorbike, Alina tells him to go ahead and spend his money on himself. Not knowing that it’s for Father’s Day, Gemma is annoyed when Joseph makes Chesney a card. Taking Nina back to the cafe, Abi tells her to hold on, just as she is managing to do, and to believe Corey will get his just desserts. She tells her that they mustn’t hurt the people who want to look after them. Her words hit home. Leanne can’t face putting her loved ones in danger by telling the truth. Harvey rings Sharon to put further pressure on the witnesses but changes his mind and agrees to do things in a different way, worrying Sharon as to what he means. Corey tries to push his way into the cafe to confront Nina. Fiz and Maria are in stitches when Tyrone can’t bend over to help Alina pick up her dropped make-up. Corey goes to attack Nina when she smashes his young footballer award. Roy steps in, having rung the police. They arrive and arrest Corey for breaching his bail conditions.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes and was transmitted at 9.00pm to allow for coverage of the Euro 2020 football competition earlier in the evening, followed by a one-hour episode of Emmerdale at 8.00pm. It had been made available to stream on the ITV Hub on Monday 14th June, ahead of its ITV transmission following a decision taken by ITV to release all episodes of both Coronation Street and Emmerdale at the start of each week for the duration of the tournament, a time when the soaps were frequently displaced from their usual timeslots, so that viewers could watch at their convenience.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • First appearance of Joseph Brown since 16th November 2020.
  • Dr Gaddas only appears on a video call with Summer Spellman.
  • TV Times synopsis: Roy worries when Nina is ill-prepared for a meeting at the factory; DS Glynn pays Leanne a visit and underlines how important her evidence is; and Emma invites friends to a cocktail evening Curtis is running at the bistro, but Fiz's heart sinks when Alina arrives dressed to the nines, closely followed by Tyrone in his new skinny jeans.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 4,976,394 viewers (10th place).
  • Due to the Euro 2020 tournament, no episode was transmitted on Friday 18th June with the next episode being shown on Sunday 20th June.
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