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Jenny tries to reassure Johnny of her sincere regrets. She brings him up to date on the situation with Sharon, emphasising that Rita is currently in danger. Having returned to the Kabin, Sharon forcibly takes Rita’s phone off her when Jenny calls. A panicking Carla finds out from West Place Home and Lifestyle that Lucas left the firm three weeks ago and they have no record of any order from Underworld. She’s too preoccupied to listen to Adam when he tries to explain why he’s pulling out of the liver donation. Having come clean to Rita about Leanne and her part in the kidnap, Sharon pours her heart out to her, explaining that after her relationship with Ian fell apart, she had no choice but to join her drug-dealing brother and his wayward son, and her life cycled downhill from there. Rita assures Sharon that she still loves her no matter what, but her former foster daughter feels it’s too late now to get herself out of the mess she’s in. The funeral cortege arrives. Corey watches on, insistent that he’s just there to pay his respects. Roy tells him to go away. Maria asks Imran for divorce advice and is surprised to hear that Gary wasn’t involved in Sam’s kidnapping. Having shown Daniel his new telescope, Sam and David can’t raise a response from the Kabin. Passing in the street, Sam mentions to Gary that he saw Sharon with a suitcase. Gary then spots Robbie's white van parked on Viaduct Street. He alerts Imran who calls the police. Finding out that Sharon is inside the shop with Rita, Gary kicks the door down but Sharon escapes through the back. Gary snatches the van keys and Robbie gives chase, cornering him in the Brewery Lane ginnel behind No.8 with an aimed pistol. Just as he shoots, he is hit from behind by Sam using his hardened telescope case after the boy has heard everything from the back garden. Robbie is knocked out and Gary unharmed. A watching Maria is relieved. Sharon drives away just before the police arrive. Sarah and Carla find Lucas’s factory unit deserted and the stock inside. Carla jemmies the door open to retrieve it. Rita apologises to Jenny for not listening to her warnings but regrets not having supported Sharon when she was at her lowest ebb. After the funeral, Corey tries to apologise again to Abi as she goes to the funeral wake in the Rovers, saying he should have done more to prevent the attack and feels guilty. Johnny packs a bag and moves out of the pub, saying he and Jenny are over. Taking a moment to herself in the Rovers’ back yard, Abi’s devastated to overhear Corey on his mobile in the ginnel, laughing about Seb’s death. Picking up a broken bottle, Abi sets off after him, hellbent on revenge.


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  • Continuing, albeit with some amendments, a tradition established in 2010, Coronation Street was transmitted at 9.00pm each weekday (except for Wednesday) after an extended edition of The Masked Dancer. In place of the Wednesday episode, ITV1 broadcast an international friendly football match between England and Austria.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • Sharon Bentley reminds Rita Tanner about their final conversation the last time she left the street, referencing events and dialogue in Episode 4722 (24th November 1999).
  • Mark Strange was credited as the fight arranger for the chase scene between Gary Windass and Robbie.
  • Victoria Street Lodge, a studio support building at the MediaCity studios doubles as the security office of the Burnside Industrial Estate and the land surrounding it in scenes with Carla and Sarah Barlow.
  • TV Times synopsis: Gary places himself in the firing line; Corey's presence casts a shadow at Seb's funeral; and Carla and Sarah set out to reclaim their stock.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,433,676 viewers (5th place).
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