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Having met her obligation to Harvey, Sharon plans to leave Weatherfield, making out that her business partner needs her. Gemma drags her to a send-off at the Rovers. Jenny tells Ronnie that she's sorted things out with Daisy and what happened between them is never to be spoken of again. Nina finds out from George that Seb's funeral is tomorrow. She's upset to realise that Abi has deliberately not told her. Asha encourages her to ask for Abi's blessing to attend and offers to go along to support her. Immediately after making the offer, Asha gets a text from Corey and goes to meet him instead, to Nina's dismay. Bernie spends all day running around after Evelyn as the pensioner piles more and more jobs onto her. Sharon tells Harvey her departure plans and is told to stay put until the trial - she needs to make sure that Leanne and Simon do as they've agreed. Sally is annoyed to catch Tim tucking into a full English cooked for him by Elaine and reprimands her for leading him astray. Sharon tells Jenny and Gemma she's staying on for a few more weeks. Jenny's suspicious when she lies about why she's changed her mind. The Barlows celebrate when Peter is put back on the transplant list. Johnny is told that his MS is in remission. Evelyn winds Bernie up by sending to Freshco twice in one day, knowing that she has to work her shift at the corner shop afterwards. Daniel tells Adam that they should re-offer themselves as liver donors in case Peter has changed his mind. Adam agrees though it's clear he's not enthusiastic. Ronnie chats Sharon up at the bistro. Elaine decides to move back into her flat in Bolton as she feels she's in the way at No.4. She assures Tim that she'll stay in touch. Corey tries to get Asha to spend the afternoon with him in the empty flat. Peter turns Daniel and Adam down again, saying he wouldn't be able to live with the shame. Johnny recognises Sharon from Highfield Prison. As she explains that she works with the prison's mentoring scheme, Sharon dashes away to escaper further questioning. Assured by Johnny that there is no such scheme, Jenny goes after Sharon and hears her talking on the phone to someone called Harvey. Corey is annoyed when Asha insists on staying as friends for the time being. Jenny asks Gary if there are any Harveys at Highfield. He tells her about the drug dealer and agrees to investigate his possible links to Sharon. Ronnie's disappointed when Sharon blows him off. Carla convinces Peter to let Daniel and Adam get tested. Ronnie tells Jenny that something has rattled Sharon. Sarah is stunned when Carla tells her that Adam has offered his liver to Peter. Fiz realises that Evelyn's milking her leg injury and makes her take the washing in. Her singing attracts the attention of Dev, who realises he's been had. Tim blames Sally for pushing Elaine out but backs down when Elaine thanks Sally for always believing in her. Sarah tackles Adam about his agreeing to take part in a life threatening opreation without consulting her. Adam admits that he only agreed when he thought Peter would say no. Sharon warns Jenny to watch her back, making it clear that she's onto her and Ronnie. Tim is sad as Elaine leaves for Bolton. She tells him she's proud of the man he's become. Nina promises Abi that she'll stay away from the funeral in accordance with her wishes. Abi concurs. Gary shows Jenny a picture from Harvey's social media showing the drug dealer with Sharon, his aunt. Unaware of Harvey's dealings with Leanne, Jenny shares Gary's findings with Rita and is put in her place for picking on Sharon. Bernie vows to make Evelyn pay for deceiving her. Sharon is shocked when Rita tells her she knows about her nephew. Assuming that Sharon is simply ashamed of having a drug dealer in the family, Rita assures her foster daughter that she has her full confidence.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes and was transmitted at 7.30pm to allow a two-hour episode of Van Der Valk to be broadcast at 8.30pm. P694/10337 was written by Ellen Taylor and P694/10338 by Jonathan Harvey.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • TV Times synopsis: Jenny is shocked to discover the link between Harvey and Sharon; Daniel persuades a reluctant Adam that they should offer themselves as liver donors for Peter; and Nina is hurt to discover that Abi kept Seb's funeral from her and clearly does not want her there.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,652,462 viewers (6th place).
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