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Nick and Leanne desperately try to convince Natasha that Sam will be in even more danger from Harvey if they go to the police. Natasha doesn't accept this and goes off to the station. Elaine and Yasmeen clash over how to help Cathy, with Yasmeen ultimately pulling rank as the home owner. Sick of arguing with her lodgers, Yasmeen asks Elaine to move out. Daisy gains Jenny's sympathy by telling her how she was shut out by her dad's grief after Tom died and how it got worse when he re-married and had another child as she reminded him of things he wanted to forget. When Nick and Leanne point out that Max and Lily are also in the firing line, Shona realises what a mistake she's made and rushes to the police station to stop Natasha. Steve and Emma hold a mock interview with Curtis. Emma uses her questions to find out more about Curtis. She starts to fall for him as he reveals his ambition to become a consultant cardiologist and his hope to eventually marry and have children. Jenny decides that Daisy has been through enough and lets her stay on at the Rovers. Tim worries that Elaine will move far away and he'll hardly see her. Shona manages to catch Natasha before she speaks to the detective. She convinces her that Nick and Leanne's plan is the lesser risk. Dev and Bernie try a charm offensive on Evelyn but the wily woman takes Bernie's offer to be more careful in future as an admisson of culpability and encourages them to settle out of court. Yasmeen, Elaine and Cathy make up before Cathy reveals that she's moving back in with Brian. Curtis is taken on at the bistro. Sally roleplays as an estate agent to entice Tim. She's mortified when he walks in with Elaine and says she's moving in. Evelyn drops her fight against Dev and Bernie when Bernie agrees to be her slave while she's laid up. Bernie forces Dev to do his share by threatening to go on strike. Shona is shocked when Sharon tells her she knows all about Nick and Leanne's troubles with Harvey as Gail confided in her. She invites her to share her troubles with her. Sally is annoyed that Tim moved Elaine in without consulting her. Shona tells Sharon Leanne's plan to defend Harvey in court. Nick and Leanne are about to return to the hideout when Natasha returns. She tells them she's taken Sam out of school as a precaution. Blaming Nick for endangering her son's life, she tells him that he's never to contact her or Sam again.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • TV Times synopsis: Shona informs Natasha that by involving the police, she will be putting Sam in danger; and Tim tells Sally that he has invited Elaine to live with them.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,305,698 viewers (9th place).
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