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Nick remains in Weatherfield rather than risk leading Harvey's gang to Leanne. David and Shona help him decide on a course of action. Shona thinks Natasha deserves to know that Sam's disappearance wasn't an accident. The women at No.6 breath a sigh of relief when the pest controller's traps catch the mouse. More parcels arrive for Cathy. Emma is preoccupied with Curtis as she and Steve go jogging together. Nick tells Leanne about Harvey's ultimatum. Elaine finds out from Roy that Cathy used to have a hoarding problem. Jenny and tells her she knows how she tried to blackmail Ronnie and she wants her to move out. Elaine wonders if Cathy's had a relapse and suggests to Yasmeen that they look in her bedroom but Yasmeen refuses to violate her privacy. Leanne turns up at No.8 and tells Nick that she and Simon are withdrawing their police statements in order to keep everyone safe from Harvey. Steve meets up with Curtis and apologises for his rude behaviour the other day, explaining that the race meant a lot to him as he was doing it for Oliver's charity. When Curtis reveals he's got an interview at the Bistro, Steve offers to give him some pointers. Elaine and Brian enter Cathy's room and find it cluttered with boxes. They confront Cathy, resulting in her being humiliated and throwing Brian out. Imran confirms that Leanne and Simon won't have to give evidence if they withdraw their statements but that it might not make any difference as they can still be used in their absence. She's told that the only way to change the record is to say she lied, which would risk charges of perjury and perverting the course of justice, in addition to the drugs charges which were dropped. Yasmeen is annoyed that Elaine went behind her back. Bernie accidentally knocks over a bottle of salad dressing in the shop. Evelyn slips on it and hurts her ankle. Daisy admits to Jenny that her dad hasn't spoken to her in years and she has nowhere to go. Following her conscience, Shona sets Natasha straight about Sam's kidnapping and warns her about the threat from Harvey. Cathy admits to Brian that her hoarding is out of control again and she's been too ashamed to come home. He promises to support her and she agrees to move back. Evelyn threatens to sue Dev and Bernie for criminal negligence. Leanne uses the burner phone to ring Harvey and explains why withdrawing her statement won't help him. She offers to testify that he and his mates weren't involved, saying he'll have to trust her. Harvey is non-committal. Natasha barges into No.8 after her conversation with Shona and tells Nick she's going to the police to tell them who abducted Sam.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • TV Times synopsis: Natasha demands that Nick calls the police to tell them the truth about Sam's kidnap; Cathy admits her hoarding is out of control; and Jenny confronts Daisy.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,729,285 viewers (5th place).
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