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PC Edmondson informs Nick and Natasha that their son is safe and well. Hearing that Sam got himself locked in the back of a van, they conclude that his disappearance had nothing to do with Harvey after all. A terrified Yasmeen, Elaine and Cathy debate how to deal with the mouse after Ryan refuses to kill it for them. Yasmeen employs David the dog as a mouse catcher. Amy worries that Steve's fundraising obsession will cause another breakdown. He promises his daughter that he'll start taking it easier. Tyrone agrees to take on extra work for Dev as a grocery delivery man. Sam is taken to Weatherfield General as a precaution. Nick and Natasha meet him there. The boy thinks he's to blame for going missing as he let himself into the van. Evelyn is livid to hear about Tyrone's new job and accuses Dev of enabling an adulterer. Nick plans to return to Leanne once Sam is discharged. Daisy enthuses to Jenny about Ronnie helping her boost her Double Glammy sales. Jenny's perplexed, knowing that Daisy's products are cheap and nasty. Nick and Natasha are amused by Sam's newfound interest in football after listening to the radio. Sharon tells David and Shona that she saw Nick arrive. Fiz is upset that Tyrone has a second job as it'll make his plans to set up a home with Alina a reality. David fails to catch the mouse and urinates on Yasmeen's carpet. The women start fighting among themselves, with Elaine blaming Cathy for the mouse taking root with her slovenly ways. Yasmeen rings pest control to deal with the rodent. Steve apologises to Emma for acting like a div. He tells her he's scaling back the fundraising but Emma says he shouldn't and offers to train with him. Tyrone finishes his deliveries for the day and looks forward to toad in the hole cooked by Alina. Evelyn happily hands him two more orders, spoiling his plans. Ronnie tells Jenny that Daisy as good as blackmailed him into selling her gear for her. Jenny says she'll deal with Daisy. Leaving the hospital, Nick gets in a cab only to discover that the driver is one of Harvey's thugs. Robbie tells his passenger that Sam will disappear for good if he doesn't get Leanne and Simon to withdraw their statements against Harvey. Handed a burner phone for Leanne to call Harvey from, Nick is allowed to leave.


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