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Sharon apologises to Dev for running off yesterday, saying she'd had too much to drink. Harvey gives Sharon a van driver, Robbie, to help her abduct Sam in order to lure Nick out of hiding. Johnny asks Daisy if they can wipe the slate clean now that he's out of prison. Daisy agrees in order to get him off her back. Yasmeen and Elaine are weary of Cathy and her lackadaisical approach to cleaning. Cathy hears them talking about her. Sam tells Natasha that he's worried about Nick as he's stopped texting him. Natasha is annoyed that they've been in contact in the first place and confiscates Sam's phone as punishment. She arranges to pick him up from astronomy club later but in her haste to get to work she misses Sam telling her that it's been cancelled. Sharon hears their conversation and realises that they'll have an opportunity to grab Sam. Alina tells Emma that she and Tyrone are buying the flat but she's welcome to stay for as long as she likes. Sharon palms spa tickets expiring today onto Gail and Shona spa to get them out of the way. Amy is mortified to learn that Steve used her razor to shave his legs for a charity bike race. Sharon takes a photo of Sam and sends it to Robbie before they put their plan into action. Kevin tells Tyrone he can't afford a loan right now but offers to try and stall Debbie for him. Ronnie tells Jenny that he's staying on in Weatherfield to make things right with Ed. She warns him to keep away from the Rovers. While Robbie lies in wait for Sam outside No.8, Gary approaches him and offers him £30 to move a wardrobe to the dump. He's forced to accept in order to avoid suspicion. Steve comes last in the race after being knocked off his bike. Yasmeen encourages Brian to ask Cathy to move back home when she hears that the trolls aren't bothering them anymore. Cathy ignores her phone when he calls her. Jenny squirms when Ed drags Johnny over to No.3 to play dominoes with him and Ronnie. Emma tells Fiz about Tyrone and Alina's plans for the flat. Sam hears Robbie talking on the phone about scrapping a telescope. Letting himself into the van to inspect the instrument, he's locked inside when Robbie shuts the doors and drives off. Natasha arrives at No.8 in a state soon afterwards, not knowing where Sam is and unable to contact him. Fiz presses Tyrone about his priorities. He insists that Hope and Ruby still come first. Natasha reports Sam missing to the police. Robbie leaves the van at an industrial estate. Sam doesn't realise he's been kidnapped. Cathy tidies the house and makes dinner to curry favour with Yasmeen and Elaine. Leanne gets a call from DS Glynn informing her of Sam's disappearance. Nick immediately calls Natasha to assure her that he hasn't got him. Steve wants to throw in the towel after his performance today but feels he can't as he's raising so much for charity. Fiz can't work out what Alina sees in Tyrone. Nick feels he should be back in Weatherfield looking for Sam. Jenny is horrified to discover that Johnny invited Ronnie to move back into their guest room and Ronnie accepted. Johnny points out that they need the money, as she said herself. Clearly with no intention of going anywhere, Cathy takes delivery of an exercise bike at No.6. Ronnie promises Jenny that he'll move on after a few days but she's afraid the truth will come out. Gail confides in Sharon that Nick is in hiding. Sam is left in the van overnight.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes and was transmitted at 7.30pm to allow a two-hour episode of Van Der Valk to be broadcast at 8.30pm. P694/10331 was written by Alasdair Morrison and P694/10332 by Julie Jones.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • The scenes on the Industrial Estate were filmed on wasteland near the MediaCity studios.
  • TV Times synopsis: Sharon feigns concern when Sam goes missing; Johnny assures Daisy of his commitment to Jenny; and Cathy tries the patience of Elaine and Yasmeen.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,832,925 viewers (13th place).
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