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Jenny makes Ronnie leave the Rovers following the previous day's events. The suddenness of it raises Daisy's suspicions. Roy rescues a bin bag full of Nina's dresses which Asha takes for safekeeping, certain that Nina will change her mind. Sharon makes out that she left an earring at No.7 last night. Dev gives her the key to let herself in and look for it. Once she's gone, Sean tells Dev that the earring story was an obvious lie and Sharon wants him to follow. Daisy interrogates Jenny as to the real reason Ronnie is leaving. Jenny tries to bluff her way out but Daisy guesses the truth. At No.7, Sharon boots up Aadi's games console. With Harvey instructing her over the phone, she brings up his friends list and finds Simon's account. Daisy tries to get Jenny to admit that she doesn't want to be married to Johnny anymore. Jenny insists that she does. Tyrone and Alina are shocked by the high rents as they start looking for a flat. Alina admits she's happy to stay on at the salon flat as it reminds her of Seb. Sharon, as Aadi, messages Simon online telling him about Seb's murder and Kelly's arrest, hoping that the news will make him break his silence. The arrival of Dev means she has to abandon her mission. Accused of luring Dev there to move things up a gear, Sharon is forced to play along though she makes out she's had cold feet to get out of going to bed with him. Dev doesn't suspect a thing, assuming that Aadi just left the TV on when he went out. Afraid that Aadi will see her message, Sharon warns Dev about how violent his son's video games are and persuades him to ban Aadi from playing for a week. Ronnie tells Ed that he's selling his half of the business to Kat and is leaving. Tyrone complains to Debbie about the boiler in the flat. Debbie decides to sell up rather than put a new boiler in and gives Tyrone and Alina notice to move out. Ronnie reveals to Jenny that he's started divorce proceedings. Jenny doesn't know why he's telling her as they'll never see each other again. Carol continues to push Sean to sign her to Double Glammy, undeterred by Sean's stories about how much work and stress it involves. Ronnie tells Jenny about his failed marriages and assures her that isn't just a notch on his bedpost. Aadi accepts Dev's computer ban without protest. At his new hideout in the Greenville Apartments hotel, Simon reads the message from Aadi. Ronnie tells Jenny he's willing to continue their affair if that's what she wants. They're shocked when Johnny arrives unexpectedly with a bunch of flowers.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • TV Times synopsis: Jenny asks Ronnie to move out of the Rovers; Sharon manipulates Dev in her attempt to contact Simon; and Alina resolves to stay living in the salon flat.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,733,442 viewers (14th place).
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