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Ed returns from Birmingham to find the campervan missing. Ronnie lets James know that he has it and asks him to keep Ed busy until it's ready. Sean bumps into his old friend Carol Hill as she's on her way to a job interview. They're pleased to see each other again and arrange to meet up at the Rovers for a catch-up. Jenny thinks Ronnie's campvervan makeover is a good idea. Ronnie invites her to come with him to the garage to pick it up. She struggles to fight her attraction to him. Audrey minds Sam so that Gail can clean Natasha's house. The Platts are stunned when Natasha returns the favour with an offer to lend them the money to fix the sinkhole. Jenny visits Johnny and suggests they go on holiday when he's released next week. Johnny isn't keen as he wants to get back to his normal routine. Asha shares Roy's concern over Nina's change in appearance but her friend tells them they're making a fuss about nothing. Jenny and Ronnie flirt heavily as they inspect the pimped out campervan. Ed interrupts them when he goes to the garage in search of his missing vehicle. Seeing what Ronnie's had done to it, he berates his brother for spoiling his plan to work on the van with James and Michael as a family project. He also makes insinuations about Ronnie and Jenny sneaking off together but takes them back when Jenny brands his comments disgusting. Sharon gets a new lead on Leanne when she hears Aadi telling Dev that Simon's gamer tag is still active. Jenny admits to Ronnie that she felt naughty sneaking off to the garage with him. Aadi is astonished when Asha sticks up for Corey, saying that he must be innocent if the police have let him go. Bored with Audrey, Sam spends the time making an electricity conductor board using Natasha's silver bracelet. Gail confiscates the bracelet when she arrives home after Sam admits that Natasha doesn't like him taking her things. Carol chats with Daisy in the Rovers as she waits for Sean and hears all about Double Glammy. Sean is concerned when she asks him to sign her up. Asha tells Corey she's there for him if he wants to talk. Gail has some explaining to do when she empties her handbag in front of Natasha and the latter's bracelet falls out. Jenny and Ronnie sneak downstairs after having sex.


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