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Nina has a nightmare in her hospital bed as she subconsciously remembers voices from the night of the attack. In the cafe, Sam enthuses about Treasure Island, the book he’s studying for 11 plus entry to Oakhill School. When Daniel reveals he’s training to be an English teacher, Sam and David suggest he could tutor the boy for money. Alison Wray reports to Abi about Kelly, and that Eli and Jason Dowling have been charged with GBH on Seb and they are now on remand. She also tells her that it would seem the attack was triggered by Nina’s appearance. Laura tells Imran and Toyah that once Kelly’s been released, she’s coming to live with her as she wants her daughter back. Imran is livid with her, telling her that her lack of parental care is the cause of the problem. Nina tells Roy about her nightmare and that she heard Corey’s voice amongst the others. Paul tells Todd how upset Summer seemed, but he resents his interference. Ed sets off for Birmingham, leaving the keys to the campervan with Michael. Ronnie makes a couple of light-hearted jibes about the van, but Ed fails to see the funny side and Ronnie feels wretched. As Abi and Laura watch on, Kelly’s bail is refused, and she’s remanded in custody pending her trial. Nina reports what she’s remembered to DS Swain. She’s upset to hear that Corey has been released on investigation and the police need more evidence than she can supply. Ronnie confides in Jenny how he wants to prove to Ed how sorry he is but needs her help with a grand gesture to make amends. Daniel calls at No.8 for the tutoring. He’s taken aback when the boy reveals he’s set him a thirty-minute test to make sure he’s up to the job. Roy delivers Nina’s clothes and make-up as she prepares to be discharged. Abi arranges Seb’s funeral with George. She rejects outright any suggestion that it has a Goth theme and storms out. David buys a new car. Sam reports to Daniel that his “application” to be his tutor has been successful and they agree on £35 an hour. The school rings Billy with the news that Summer didn’t turn up that day. Imran is depressed that he's failed Kelly, but Toyah is honest in giving her view that once she is released, she shouldn’t live in the area where she is around so many hurt people. Nina comes home and immediately confronts Asha for supporting Corey. Abi approaches them and takes her anger out on Nina, saying her “weird” appearance was instrumental in causing the attack on her son. Nina runs off in tears, watched by an appalled Asha. Social services tell Imran that if Kelly is released, she will be housed with someone else. He feels they’re to blame but Toyah has doubts. Asha tells Roy and Carla what transpired between Abi and Nina. Roy sets out to find her. Laura shouts at Imran in the street for deliberately letting Kelly down. Toyah loses her temper and retorts what she thinks of her, almost causing a fight when Laura accuses her of being barren and unable to carry her own child. Sarah has to intervene. Carla finds Abi and gently remonstrates with her for her words but she’s unrepentant. Jenny invites Michael and Grace to the Rovers for free drinks to wet the baby’s head and surreptitiously gives Ronnie a thumbs up. Toyah has a heart-to-heart with Sarah about the mess she feels they are in with Kelly, voicing her fear that she’s guilty. As Jenny distracts Michael, Ronnie takes the campervan keys out of his pocket. Summer arrives home, saying she needed space from school jibes with Kelly being charged. Todd gets annoyed with Billy who wants to know what else Paul said that could help them understand her. Roy finds Nina in tears, frustrated with her inability to remember more and feeling hated by everyone for being a “freak”. She feels responsible for Seb’s death being caused by her determination to be herself. Ronnie flirts with Jenny as he plans an expensive makeover of the campervan. Nina cries as she washes off her make-up. Todd thanks Paul for looking out for Summer and apologises for being hostile. Toyah apologises to Imran for losing her nerve and not being enthusiastic about helping Kelly. Roy, Carla and Asha are shocked when Nina emerges dressed and made-up conservatively.


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Ronnie Bailey: "Have you ever considered a career as a secret agent?"
Jenny Connor: "Ooh, MI5 or the Rovers? One is a centre of secrecy and skulduggery…and the other is a building in London."

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