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Abi has come home where Kevin and Debbie tiptoe around her. Dev calls on Asha and breaks the news of Seb’s death to her. Corey pretends to be upset while Asha takes in the implications. Speaking to Kevin on his phone about the garage arrangements, Tyrone blurts out the news about Seb to Emma and Alina. Expecting a visit from the police, Corey pushes Asha to back up his alibi and to get Amy to lie as well. Lying in her hospital bed, Nina cries as she struggles to remember what happened. Roy tries to comfort her. Summer struggles to take in the news. Asking Dev if he has got Asha back home now, Kevin informs him that Corey is a chief suspect and advises him to keep him away from his daughter. A panicking Kelly calls on Corey. He coldly tells her that he has an alibi and suggests he finds someone to lie for her as well. Alison Wray, the family liaison officer, calls on Abi, trying to assure her they’re doing everything they can. She’s not impressed with the lack of action. Asha meets up with Amy in the cafe, but they’re interrupted by the arrival of Dev. He begs her to come home, worried that she’s living with the prime suspect. Amy’s concerned when Asha repeats the false alibi to him, saying she knows her boyfriend to be innocent. On their own, Amy is thunderstruck that her friend is lying when she was with her at the time in question and tells her that she is getting herself into a load of trouble. Toyah interrupts Kelly as she packs a bag. Pushing Summer to tell him what’s obviously troubling her, Todd is told about the joyride in the stolen car and being at the Aquaside Industrial Park prior to the attack. He decides Billy ought to be informed. Toyah is taken aback when Kelly asks her to lie on her behalf. DC Wiley arrives at the flat to see Kelly and Toyah hurriedly summons Imran. She is stunned when the officer arrests the girl for assault and murder, having had no idea that Seb had died. Realising his faux pas, Tyrone apologises to Emma and Alina for breaking the news so brusquely to them. They decide to do something to demonstrate their love for Seb. Abi calls at the hospital, desperate for Nina to remember more. Asha sees Kelly being taken away to the station. Imran follows after Toyah tells him that Kelly asked her for a false alibi. Nina can’t break through her memory block, despite Abi’s pleas. Roy has to stop the conversation. Asha finds DS Swain in the flat questioning Corey. Asked to back up the alibi, she refuses, saying that nevertheless she knows her boyfriend to be innocent. Corey is arrested.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • TV Times synopsis: Amy advises Asha against giving Corey an alibi; and Kelly panics as the net closes in on her.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,195,294 viewers (7th place).
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