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Corey assures Abi that he knows nothing about the attack. When he makes out that he’s always got on well with Nina, Asha’s perplexed. Roy tries to stop Nina worrying about Seb, and Abi’s ruined wedding day and concentrate on herself. When she asks to see Seb and Roy won’t answer, she realises the seriousness of the situation. Asha questions Corey as to why he lied to Abi. He tells her that he fears Nina will fit him up for the crime as she hates him. To avoid that, he asks her to say that she was with him at the time of the assault and yells at her that she’s a naive little girl when she doesn’t immediately agree. DS Swain questions Nina, saying searches of CCTV footage are continuing. A struggling and crying Nina’s main memory is Corey’s face and someone slapping her. The doctor tells Abi that they’re repeating the brain stem tests after just one of them proved positive, and with the sedation reduced it’s not clear if Seb is breathing by himself or not. Abi feels the news is positive. Mary asks to speak to Asha in private as she wants to talk to her away from Corey’s influence. He’s angry at her for implying he is guilty and makes Asha speak up with their arranged alibi. The doctor arrives to take Seb for more tests. Corey tells Asha he’s glad she lied as he needs someone on his side who really knows him like she does. On her own, she struggles to retain her calm composure. She goes to the hospital to see Nina and is shocked at her condition. Roy refuses to listen to her assurances that Corey wasn’t involved. He warns her she might find she doesn’t know her boyfriend as well as she thinks she does. Asha repeats her alibi lie to Nina who sees through the statement and tells her to stop pretending she cares about her friends. The doctor breaks the news to Abi that Seb has died. She becomes hysterical. Asha returns home, saying they should tell the truth. Corey hears that Nina is saying he and the others were at the wasteland for far longer than he claimed. She jumps with fright when he explodes at her and he has to apologise. Roy breaks the news to a distraught Nina. Eileen is grief-stricken when Kevin rings to tell her. Abi cries over her son’s body.


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