Joe tells Irma that he smashed Steve's head against the wall and then threw him down the stairs. He threatens her if she tells anyone. He continues to drink as Irma asks to be let go. He tells of a different side to Steve: that he set up poker games and held the loser's pay checks when they couldn't pay him. He tells her that he owed Steve £2,000. Gregg, Gary, Bet and Maggie return to the shop but decide not to disturb them. Joe refuses to leave the flat until Irma acts normally. Bet invites them down for a party. Joe agrees when Irma controls herself. Billy tells Annie he'll get her a new barmaid. He suddenly has an idea who he can ask. The next morning he asks Bet to call into the Rovers at dinnertime. Val snaps at Albert, thinking he wrote the letter to Ken. Annie tells Ernie he's a hypocrite. In Ray's presence Albert finds a letter he should have posted to Ken. Elsie sees that something is wrong with Irma but Joe interrupts them before she can say anything. Val shuns Ray's offer of a driving lesson. Bet agrees to be the new barmaid at the Rovers. Joe forces Irma to agree to him staying at the flat. Annie returns from a lunchtime appointment to find Bet behind the bar in a low-cut dress. She tells Billy to get rid of her as she's lowering the tone. He refuses as she's good for business. Annie reluctantly gives Bet a trial period but tells her to dress in “warmer” clothing. Val tells Ray about Ken's phone call. Ray tells her it wasn't Albert who wrote to Ken. Val wonders who it could have been.


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