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Seb has been stabilised. Abi and Kevin maintain a vigil by his bedside. The doctor reports that the CT scan was worrying and they’re going to do a brain stem test to obtain a clearer picture. Kevin sees to cancelling the wedding arrangements. Abi listens to the phone message that Seb sent her. Nina has had a good night and her sedatives have been withdrawn but she remains unconscious. Billy, and Summer especially, are shocked to hear about the attack. Asha visits Dev for a father/daughter chat, unable to make sense of what’s happened to the couple. She’s disturbed when he mentions exactly where the attack took place. Summer finds Kelly in the cafe. She’s on edge when Summer asks her when she last saw the couple. Storming out, she rings Corey, demanding to see him as she tries to hold it together. Returning to her flat, Asha asks Corey similar questions. He calmly lies and then quickly leaves, supposedly to buy bread. DS Swain tells Abi that the forensics team are still at the scene, but she reacts badly to the questions put to her about whether the couple were drug-takers like her. Sally joins Abi by Seb’s bedside before he’s taken away for his tests. Corey has to visit Kelly at home to calm her. He warns her to keep quiet but hears that Summer has suspicions about what happened. Roy chats to Nina about matters great and small as she remains unconscious, hoping to reach her. He succeeds and her eyes open. Abi cannot get any similar response from her son. Corey seeks out Summer, trying to charm her. He warns her that if their joyriding escapade gets out, their respective successful futures could be at risk. She agrees to keep quiet. Abi visits Nina’s room, delighted that she’s come round. Nina’s told Seb is still unconscious. She tells her and Roy that all she can remember of the evening was seeing Corey and his mates. Abi leaves quickly, and Roy fears that she’s seeking a confrontation. A suspicious Toyah asks Kelly questions about what Corey knows about the attack. She avoids answering and goes to her room. Spotting Corey and Asha outside their flat, Abi steams over demanding some answers as to what he knows.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences. To enable close-up shots of Abi holding Seb's hand, Harry Visinoni's girlfriend, Ellie Isaacs, was invited to the studio to act as a "hand double" for Sally Carman.
  • TV Times synopsis: Worried sick about Seb, Abi asks Kevin to cancel their wedding; Corey covers his tracks by telling Kelly to say nothing; and Asha is oblivious to their involvement in the attack.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,908,828 viewers (9th place).

Notable dialogue

Roy Cropper (talking to an unconscious Nina Lucas at her bedside): "I suspect that, er, if you can hear me at all, which the nurse assures me is the case, then I will sound muffled. Muffled, yet familiar. And it is the familiar which can be of great comfort, they say. So, self-consciousness notwithstanding, I intend to, er…prattle. To wit, some parish notices; Shona and Bernie are holding the fort; you are right about Bernie. She is, er, extremely complex - in a good way. We haven’t clicked. We’re both at peace with that. She says she admires the way that I never take umbrage, whereas you know too well that I take umbrage on a daily basis. It was the 14th March last year when Dev so blithely dismissed me as a ‘big girl’s blouse’. I remember you deliberately dropped his sausage on the floor by way of revenge. I’m sorry I castigated you. I was touched by your loyalty. My life has been…is…considerably enriched by your presence. I feel a surge of pride whenever you refer to me as ‘your uncle’. I’m deeply irritated whenever you call me “Roymond”. That said, if you were to wake up now and call me “Roymond”, I would be extremely relieved."

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