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Part One: It’s the day of the hen and stag parties. Sally has arranged dinner at the bistro for the hens. Her voice has recovered while Abi’s nerves are shredded as her mind is a blank when it comes to composing her vows. Kevin has booked Speed Daal for the stags and invites Roy to join them. A jeweller in York has completed Seb’s necklace order and he invites Nina to join him on a trip to collect it in Ed’s van. Asha confides in Amy that Corey came in late, and she had no idea where he went to. Tyrone and Tim collect costumes for the stags. Corey bats aside Asha’s questions about their plans for the evening. Seb can’t help Abi with her vows and she snaps at him. Roy asks Nina to stay and help him at the cafe. Abi invites Gemma to join the hen do, hoping she’ll liven it up. Nina confides in Abi that Seb’s busy with something to make her wedding day special. Heading out for training, Corey meets Eli who pulls up in a stolen car and invites him to hang out in it. Desperate to keep in with him, Asha jumps in the car along with Kelly and Summer and they speed off.

Part Two: Seb is delighted when his mum asks him to give her away and he presents her with the necklace. She cries with happiness. The youngsters drink on wasteland at the Aquaside Industrial Park. Asha is appalled to find the car was stolen and argues with Kelly, accusing her of having her sights set on Corey. When he refuses to back her up, Asha storms off home. Nina joins Seb in returning the van keys to a warehouse. He gives her a toy love ring and they return home by the canal. Kevin, Tyrone, Tim, Roy and Dev gather for the stag do. Seb and Nina come across the drunken youngsters. Seeing how upset Asha is, Amy invites her back to No.1. When Eli and Corey start making nasty jibes at Nina, Summer becomes uneasy and heads home. Seb has trouble containing his temper. Egged on by Eli, Kelly slaps Nina across the face. Sensing danger, Nina hurries away, ordering Seb to come with her. The others follow, intent on confrontation. The hens start to get happily drunk. As darkness falls, Corey, Kelly, Eli and the others catch up with Seb and Nina just as he rings Abi and leaves a message. Seb is pushed to the ground. As Nina runs off, he is subjected to a vicious and brutal kicking.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • Kate Waters was credited as the fight arranger on this episode.
  • Scenes at the Aquaside Industrial Park were filmed at the premises of Esprit Warehousing and Docks beside the MediaCity studios on Trafford Wharf Road, whilst on-site locations such as the back of Victoria Street doubled as the warehouse and the street where Nina Lucas and Seb Franklin were attacked.
  • In the scene where Seb Franklin has to refuse Abi's request to help with her vows, Another Girl, Another Planet by The Only Ones is playing on his van radio. It is a repeat of this track in Episode 10416 (30th August 2021) which triggers Nina Lucas's dream and leads to her remembering the full details of the night of the attack.
  • TV Times synopsis: While Abi and Kevin enjoy their respective hen and stag parties, Asha and Summer discover they have been partying in a stolen car; and Seb and Nina are the victims of a vicious attack.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,128,904 viewers (5th place).
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