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Sharon is frustrated with the heavy’s failure. Carla tells Simon she’s called to make sure he’s alright and to assure him that Peter is fine. Leanne erupts at Simon when she realises that he gave his dad their address. Tyrone calls at the garage and tells Kevin that he will be his best man after all, but he has Alina to thank for his change of mind. Summer joins Corey, Kelly and their disreputable friend Eli Higginson in Speed Daal. She points out to an unconcerned Kelly that Asha wouldn’t like her flirting with Corey. Carla arrives back home and assures Peter that Simon is fine and he should stop stressing out so that he can get back on the transplant list. Nina tentatively mentions to Asha that she saw Corey openly flirting with Kelly in Speed Daal. Asha angrily accuses her of stirring things up. Sharon sees Carla entering No.1 and has an idea. The stress gets to Leanne and Nick has to reassure her. Kelly gets annoyed with Summer judging her and Corey. Sharon calls with flowers for Carla from her and Rita. She manages to sneak a look at her phone and gets the hideout address from her Google Maps history. Roy advises Nina that she can’t get Asha to see sense, but just to be there for her when she does so. Sharon orders the heavy to get to Warrington quickly. Seb suggests to Nina that perhaps they’ve taken things too quickly and he should move back out. Taken aback, she realises from his words that Roy has been giving unwanted advice. Debbie reports that she’s splashed out more money to rush the roof repair through and the wedding venue will be available again. Abi is pleased that Sally’s voice is also recovering. The heavy bursts into the flat and finds it’s deserted. He reports back to a frustrated Sharon. Corey is curt with Asha when she rings him to find when he’ll be home. Nina takes Roy to task for interfering and assures him everything’s fine with her and Seb. A livid Harvey rings his aunt and tells her to use Sam to get to the runaways, or he’ll have her killed.


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