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Kevin is saddened that Tyrone won’t be his best man. Peter is being discharged but worries if Simon got away safely. Nick has stayed up all night in case anyone arrives at the flat. He and Leanne assure Simon that they are safe. Sharon chats to Adam in The Kabin and finds out about Peter’s imminent discharge. She rings the heavy and tells him to get himself down to the hospital immediately and follow them. Kevin and Tyrone establish an uneasy truce, but Abi is less forgiving of him. Carla spots the heavy watching the hospital entrance. Abi gets alarmed when Debbie breaks the news that the hotel venue has suffered a partial roof collapse and she can no longer host the wedding. Leanne catches Simon about to ring his dad and stops him. Seb tells Nina how proud he is of his mum for turning her life around. She has the idea of getting her a necklace that resembles one that used to belong to Abi’s mother and which she sold to buy heroin. Hearing that Peter plans to visit Simon in Warrington once he leaves the hospital, Carla has to tell him that their movements are being watched. Abi gets even more stressed when Sally reveals she has an allergy and is losing her voice. Alina is happy that Tyrone put her first. Adam creates a diversion in the hospital car park in order that Peter and Carla can leave separately. The heavy follows the wrong vehicle. Nina finds a suitable necklace on the internet. Seb makes a light-hearted comment about buying her an engagement ring, alarming Roy. Corey’s unimpressed with the thought of another night in and prefers to go out to see his mates. Alina tells Tyrone to change his mind and be the best man. Kevin tries to calm a panicking Abi down. Roy counsels Seb not to rush things with Nina. Calling into Speed Daal, Nina sees Corey and Kelly flirting with each other. Sharon spots Peter arriving home alone. She and the heavy wonder where Carla has got to. Leanne and Simon are alarmed when there is a knock on the door of the flat. It is Carla.


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