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As Peter prepares to head home, Simon exclaims that he's staying in Weatherfield and not going back into hiding. Sharon tells Jenny she's mentoring a prisoner and the hospital appointment was his. Jenny remains suspicious, especially when Sharon refuses to elaborate. Todd has a surprise reunion with an old school friend, Stuart Fergus, when a grieving Stuart asks to see his late son in the chapel of rest. His loss reminds Todd of Billy. Leanne and Nick fret as they have no idea whether Simon was grabbed or left of his own accord. Simon agrees to return to Leanne and Nick after Peter begs him to go for his own safety. Todd feels uncomfortable around Stuart but is forced to deal with him as George isn't around. Simon gives Peter a note with his address on it before he goes. As he leaves the hospital, Peter hears the cleaner giving instructions to his contact on the phone and shouts out a warning to his son as he tackles the man. Peter comes off worse but the distraction allows Simon to make a run for it. George confesses to Todd that he wanted him to attend to Stuart in order to give him some insight. Todd reflects on what he's become, noting that Stuart remembers him as a kind lad. George happily reinstates him. Jenny investigates Sharon's claim and hears from Johnny that there isn't a prisoner mentoring programme at Highfield. She asks Daisy to eavesdrop on Sharon when she takes a phone call. Peter is kept in hospital after suffering a minor head injury in the fight. Kelly taunts Corey by saying that Asha's turning him into Mr Boring. Tyrone finds out Alina's not welcome at the wedding when Kevin drops hints, with Abi and Sally putting it more forcefully. He reacts by telling Kevin to stuff his wedding and resigns as best man. Daisy doesn't hear the call but tells Jenny that Sharon is definitely hiding something. Eileen is amused when she finds Todd and George drinking together as mates. Simon makes it back to the hideout. Finding out that his actions nearly caused Simon to be grabbed, Nick destroys his phone. Peter lies about the reason for the fight, saying he wound the guy up. The transplant co-ordinator tells him he's off the transplant list as he has too much instability in his life at present.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • The main entrance of the MediaCity studios complex along Trafford Wharf Road doubles as the exterior of Highfield Prison. Later in the episode, the outside of the main studio building doubles as the entrance of Weatherfield General.
  • TV Times synopsis: Peter gets caught in the crossfire of Simon's escape; Todd receives a reminder of his past; and Tyrone accuses Kevin and Abi of snubbing Alina.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,659,853 viewers (11th place).
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