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Sharon repeats her promise to Harvey that she'll track down Leanne and Simon for him, as a favour to her late brother Wayne. Harvey piles the pressure on her by reminding her that she'd have nothing if it wasn't for his dad. Hope and Ruby fire questions at Alina to assess her suitability as a stepmum. Corey tells Asha that his parents want her to leave thanks to Dev. Asha is furious. George is horrified to discover that Todd has been demanding 25% deposits from clients before the funeral has taken place and resolves to refund every one of them. Asha tells Dev she'd rather sleep on a park bench than return home and leaves to stay at a hostel. Corey offers her a better solution. Seb returns without the goth make-up and again apologises to Nina. Nina explains that her goth look isn't a fashion choice to her, but helps her feel comfortable in her own skin. She tells him about her mother's death and how it made her want to find beauty in darkness. Seb tells her she's amazing and unique. Sharon asks to see Gail's address book, making out it's to get in touch with Curly. When Shona mentions that Gail keeps her contacts on her tablet, she secretly pockets the device. Outside, Gemma coaxes a reluctant Sharon over to the Rovers for cocktails with Jenny. Fiz tells Maria her biggest fear is that the girls will come to prefer Alina over her. Maria assures her that kids always hate their stepmothers. Hope asks Alina if she loves Tyrone. Alina says she does. Sharon breaks into the tablet and finds Nick's mobile number but discovers it's been disconnected. Jenny notices the device and asks Sharon why she has a screensaver of Sam on her tablet. Sharon explains that she picked it up by mistake. Jenny tells her who Sam is. George discovers that his clients are happy with the new arrangements and begrudgingly admits that Todd's business idea was a good one. In Leanne's old flat, new tenants Asha and Corey settle in. Dev gatecrashes and is aghast to learn that Corey's parents have taken over the lease to stop Corey from sleeping rough. Realising he's powerless to make Asha come home, Dev is a broken man. As Tyrone, Alina, Hope and Ruby tumble out of Speed Daal in high spirits, Fiz steams over and doing her best not to cry, drags the girls away. Seb and Nina make up and Nina asks Seb to move in. Sharon returns Gail's tablet and plays it all as an accident, which Gail accepts. Shona isn't fooled, calling Sharon a thief. Approaching Sam, Sharon tells the boy that she'd like to get to know him better.


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  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was made with social distancing rules being observed by both cast and production crew, even when they were playing family members or people who shared residences.
  • TV Times synopsis: Sharon steals from Gail as pressure mounts; Dev drives Asha further towards Corey; and George disapproves of Todd's business methods.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,035,553 viewers (10th place).
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