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Part One: Having dropped the girls off at school, Chesney reports back to Fiz that Hope has been asking a lot of questions about her and Tyrone. Corey comes downstairs with Asha from her bedroom. Aadi’s furious to realise he stayed the night and threatens to tell Dev. Unfazed by him, Asha takes the day off school to spend more time in bed with Corey. A loved-up Seb finds out that Nina has her birthday tomorrow and promises to do something special for her. Jenny buys Rita chocolates to say sorry for how she and Gemma treated Sharon. Rita insists that the three of them join her for lunch in the bistro as she wants all her “daughters” to get on. A sheepish Tyrone lets himself into No.9 to pick up the last of his things. Fiz demands the two of them get together to tell the girls what’s going on. Paul is amused when Nina presents Seb with a goth cupcake for his elevenses. Gary calls at the factory and tells Sarah how Izzy’s really struggling shielding and it would be good if she could return to work. Roy agrees to Seb staying over again. Having run away from school, Hope returns home and asks Tyrone if he loves his new girlfriend more than her. When she yells that she hates him, a horrified Tyrone accuses Fiz of turning the girl against him.

Part Two: Emma tells Alina and Tyrone how difficult it is being in the middle of their affair. Tyrone suggests to Alina that they should find their own place to live. Sharon, Jenny and Gemma meet up at the bistro before Rita gets there and they happily agree to bury the hatchet. Not knowing that Hope overheard their argument, Fiz has to gently tell her some of what is going on between her and Tyrone. In a bid to cheer her up, Chesney invites her over to play with Joseph. Coming home for lunch, Aadi is goaded by Corey who tells him his sister has a voracious sexual appetite. Aadi snaps and punches him on the nose. Rita texts Sharon to say she isn’t joining the lunch, having set them up all the time to meet and iron out their differences without her. Nina overhears Ed and Paul mocking her goth tastes, and Seb laughing at their jokes. She’s hurt and hurries away, unnoticed. Fiz sees Chesney bundling an injured Joseph into the car to take him to hospital. When Gemma reveals that Hope attacked him, Fiz is horrified.

Part Three: Dev returns home to find Asha and Aadi rowing. Aadi keeps quiet about his reason for punching Corey. Grounding him, Dev also realises Asha has been bunking off school. Nina reveals to Seb that she was going to ask him to move in, but she overheard him laughing at her expense with his mates. Seb’s gutted as she tells him to leave. Sarah and Gary FaceTime Izzy and at Kirk’s suggestion, ask her if she’d like to sew knickers from home. She’s delighted at the plan. Roy tries to cheer Nina up. Tyrone inadvertently uploads the photos from his romantic night in Knutsford with Alina onto the family photo roll. Fiz urges him to speak to Hope but he refuses, asserting that she’s better at dealing with the girl than him.

Part Four: Their meal at an end, Sharon begins to cry and Jenny summons Rita. Chesney erupts at Tyrone, telling him that Hope already knows everything because she overheard him and Fiz arguing. Dev goes easy on Aadi, saying he’s wanted to punch Corey himself for a long time. When Asha sees her father relaxing with her brother, she’s furious to realise he condones his actions and threatens to move in with Corey. Sharon tearfully reveals that her brother Wayne died and she’s terribly lonely now. She’s thrilled when Rita suggests she moves in with her for a few weeks. Maria softens towards Gary for what he's done for Izzy. Unseen by Gary, Izzy has a sudden spasm of pain when she’s FaceTiming him and Jake. Sharon takes a call as she’s wheeling her suitcase towards Rita’s flat. She tells the caller that all is good, and they’ll get what they want soon enough. Tyrone finds that Ed has changed the locks to No.9. Fiz refuses to let him into the house and begin disrupting the girls’ life all over again.


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