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Humiliated, Fiz turns and storms into her house, Tyrone following in her wake at Alina’s urging to explain. Jenny tries to convince Gemma that Sharon can’t be trusted and clearly intends to fleece Rita. Gary visits Faye and hears that she’s coping well. He passes on the news that Craig still intends to resign. Tyrone admits that he does love Alina and confesses that Maria knew. Abi and Nina tease Seb about a video of him dancing badly at the gig. Abi’s delighted for her son. Maria taunts Alina for wrecking a relationship. Cathy refuses Brian’s entreaties to return until she is sure that the trolls have given up. He agrees to wait and they declare their love for one another. As Fiz and Tyrone row and blame each other for the breakdown of their relationship, Hope listens from the stairs, deeply upset. Having watched the Golden Heart Awards ceremony online, Sharon informs Jenny and Gemma that Rita missed out on the award. They make it clear to her they won’t let her hurt Rita and she must sling her hook. She gives them a cheque to pass on to Rita in the sum of £10,000, together with her phone number. Gemma is amazed while Jenny is silenced. Faye rings Craig, telling him to take up his promotion and they can be together when she’s released - if he doesn’t find anyone else in the meantime. However, they mustn’t have any contact until then. Being given the cheque, Rita asserts that she’s well aware of Sharon’s shortcomings, but everyone deserves a second chance. Jenny and Gemma are suitably chastened. Roy agrees to Nina’s request that Seb can stay the night. Tyrone arrives at the salon flat with his holdall and tells Alina that he was finally honest with Fiz. Cathy tells Yasmeen and Elaine that although she and Brian have made up, she’s not ready to return home yet. Rooting through her many boxes of recent purchases, Cathy pulls out three matching name-embroidered dressing gowns and likens the three of them to the Golden Girls. Yasmeen and Elaine suppress a look of horror. Having withheld his resignation, Craig suggests to Kirk that he could post his letters to Faye for him and then no one would suspect a thing. Nina invites a pleased Seb to stay the night. Maria calls at No.9, but Fiz gives her short shrift for not being truthful with her about Tyrone and Alina. As she goes to close the door, she spots a happy Tyrone and Alina getting in the taxi for their Knutsford trip.


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